Mountain trips (Hike, Mountaineering (incl. Via Ferrata), Snowshoe, Skitour, Mountainbike, Alpine Walk), from January 1, 2008 (previous trips see below):

Date Region Type Peak Alt. m Comment
17.12.2023 SZ Hike Wildspitz 1,580m Started in Sattel, ascended via Halsegg. Descended via Geren, Schäfboden (Gipfelbuch)
16.12.2023 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040m Started from Langis via Rickhubel and descended via Sewesenseli (Gipfelbuch)
21.10.2023 NE Via Ferrata Tichodrome   Via Ferrata Tichodrome (Gipfelbuch)
24.09.2023 GR Hike Spi da Baselgia 2,945m Ascent from Zernez and descent to Lavin (Gipfelbuch)
16.09.2023 GR Via Ferrata Pinut 2,055m

Via Ferrata Pinut. Ascended from Flims

03.09.2023 LU Hike Mittaggüpfi
We ascended from Trockenmatt to Mittaggüpfi and traversed across to Stäfeliflue from where we descended back to Trockenmatt (Gipfelbuch)
31.07.2023 TI Hike Sassello 1,899m Started from Monti di Motti, ascended via Sassariente and descended back to Monti di Motti (Gipfelbuch)
25.06.2023 BE Hike Hohgant 2,164m Started at Möser Parking Lot and ascended via Allgäuli, desecended via Steinig Matte (Gipfelbuch)
12.02.2023 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040m Langis - Rickhubel - Fürstein - Miesenstock - Riedmattstock- Ochsenalp (Gipfelbuch)
05.02.2023 GR Skitour Pischahorn 2,980m Pischa top station, saddle, downhill through Mattjisch Tälli (Gipfelbuch) 
29.01.2023 UR Skitour Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m From Realp - Tätsch - Tiefengletscher - Chli Bielenhorn (Gipfelbuch)
28.08.2022 ZG Mountainbike Ratenpass 1,077m Ascent from Baar via Finstersee. Descent via Ägeri
31.07.2022 BE Mountainbike Trüttlisbergpass
Ascent from Saanemöser, return via Hornberg
30.07.2022 BE Hike Birehubel 1,937m Ascent from Saanenmöser
25.06.2022 ZG/ZH Mountainbike Albishorn 909m Ascent from Baar via Sihlbrugg. Descent via Kappel
19.06.2022 ZG Mountainbike Wildspitz 1,580m Ascent from Baar via Unterägeri, Halsegg. Descent via Zuberberg
30.04.2022 BE/VS Skitour     Descent from Finsteraarhon hut via Bächi Lücke to Rekingen (Goms)
29.04.2022 BE Skitour Finsteraarhorn 4,274m From Finsteraarhorn hut and back (Gipfelbuch)
28.04.2022 BE/VS Skitour Finsteraarhorn hut 3,047m From Jungfraujoch via Grünhornlücke
10.04.2022 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040m Ascent from Langis via Rickhubel. Descent via Riedmattstock (Gipfelbuch)
03.04.2022 SZ Snowshoe Langmatt 1,544m Ascent from Sattel via Halsegg. Descent via Ober Lutzi to Sattel (Gipfelbuch)
24.03.2022 OW Snowshoe Bonistock 2,164m Corporate Snowshoe-Tour from Adelboden
11.03.2022 BE Skitour near Bunderspitz   Margelbrücke but we then turned south to an unnamed elevation (Gipfelbuch)
10.03.2022 BE Skitour Tschingellochtighorn 2,659m From Engstligenalp and back with two re-ascents (Gipfelbuch)
09.03.2022 VS/BE Skitour Birghorn 3,243m Ascent from Elwertätsch. Descent to Kandersteg (Gipfelbuch)
08.03.2022 BE Skitour Christihubel 2,216m Ascent from Griesalp ia Ober Dünde (Gipfelbuch)
07.03.2022 BE Skitour Felshore 2,784m Ascent from Engligstenalp. Descent to Kandersteg (Gipfelbuch)
12.02.2022 OW Skitour Rotsandnollen, Hohmad 2,700m, 2,416m From Melchsee-Frutt to Rotsandnollen on the way back-reascent to Homad. Descent to Stöckalp (Gipfelbuch)
15.01.2022 UR Skitour Gross Leckihorn 3,068m Realp - Leckipass - Stotzigen Firsten - Realp (Gipfelbuch)
10.01.2022 NW Skitour Brisen-Area   Ascent from Niederrickenbach to Haldigrat, re-ascent. Descent to Brändlen (Gipfelbuch)
31.12.2021 TI Hike Monte Cevello 974m From Cademario
18.12.2021 UR Skitour Chli Bielenhorn 2.940m From Realp - Tätsch - Tiefengletscher - Chli Bielenhorn (Gipfelbuch)
22.07.2021 BE/VD Via Ferrata Le Rubli 2,284 The Nr. 3 path (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.07.2021 BE/VD Hike La Videmanette (Cabane) 2,132 Chalberhöhni - Hinders Eggli - Mutthubel - Col de la Videman - La Videmanette (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.06.2021 TI Hike Generoso 1,701 Start in Arogono. Ascent via Cima di Crocetta (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.06.2021 UR/TI Skitour Fibbia 2,739 Ascent from the Gotthard Pass (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.03.2021 VS Skitour Pas de Chèvres 2,855 Bad weather ascent but still with great glacier exposure (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.03.2021 VS Skitour Col de l'Evque 3,379 Grand tour around Mont collon, most oof the day on glaciers (Gipfelbuch entry)
09.03.2021 VS Skitour Pointe de la Vouassan 3,490 Arolla (top of skilift), Col Nord des Darbonires - Satarma (Gipfelbuch entry)
08.03.2021 VS Skitour Mont de Ritses 2,901 La Gouille - La Bleu - Mont des Ritses - La Bornette - La Vèntura (Gipfelbuch entry)
20.02.2021 UR Skitour Piz Alv 2,769 Gemsstock - BORTWASSER - VERMIGELHÜTTE - PASS MAIGHELS - PIZ ALV - MAIGHELS HÜTTE - TSCHAMUT (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.01.2021 SZ Snowshoe Wildspitz 1,580 Sattel - Halsegg - Wildspitz - Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.01.2021 TI Snowshoe Föisc 2,208 Madrano - Rütan - Föisc - Madrano (Gipfelbuch entry)
03.01.2021 GR Snowshoe Chrüz 2,196 Berghaus Mottis - Chrüz - Berghaus Mottis (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.12.2020 UR Skitour Stotzigen Firsten 2,752 Realp - Stotzigen Firsten - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.12.2020 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2.040 Langis - Rickhubel - Fürstein - Miesenstock - Riedmattstock - Ochsenalp - Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.12.2020 TI Snowshoe Gazzirola 2,116 Colla Paese - Gazzirola - San Lucio - Bogno (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.11.2020 UR Hike Windgällen Hut 2,032 Bristen (Egg) - Bläck - Windgällen hut - Hüttenboden - Egg
25.10.2020 LU/BE Hike Napf 1,406 Bad Luthern - Oberniespel - Änzisattel - Napf - Mitteley - Bad Luthern (Gipfelbuch entry)
02.09.2020 VS Via Ferrata Aletsch   Via Ferrata in the gorge below the Aletsch Glacier around a barrier lake (Gipfelbuch entry)
28.08.2020 BE Via Ferrata Gantrisch 2,175m From Wasserscheide and back via Morgetenpass and Gantrischseeli (Gipfelbuch entry)
08.08.2020 UR Mountaineerig Gletschhorn 3,303m From Tiefenbach across the Tiefenbach Glacier. We didn't get completely to the top, as the ridge was too crowded. We then turned and did the Strahlengrätli ridge (Gipefelbuch entry)
21.05.2020 GL Skitour Clariden 3,267m From Klausenpass via Iswändli to the Winter and Summer peaks and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.05.2020 UR Skitour Galenstock 3,586, From Tiefenbach via Älpetli to the peak and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
25.04.2020 ZG Alpine Walk Muetegg 1,204m From Unteraegeri along the Nr. 3 "Alpine Panorama Trail" towards Raten Pass, but a return from Abschwändi via Alosen back to Unteraegeri
02.04.2020 UR Snowshoe Rossstock 2,286m From Chäppeliberg
15.03.2020 UR Skitour Stotzigen Firsten 2,752m From Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.02.2020 GR Skitour Chalchagn Pitschen 2,751m From Pontresina, not all the way  to the peak (Gipfelbuch entry)
20.02.2020 GR Skitour Piz da l'hom 2,985m From Brail (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.02.2020 GR Skitour Cho d'Valetta 2,496m From Samedan (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.02.2020 GR Skitour Munt Müsella 2,630m (Gipfelbuch entry)
12.01.2020 SZ Hike Wildspitz 1,580m From Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry)
02.01.2020 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040m From Glaubenberg-Langis, descent via Miesenstock, etc. (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.12.2019 UR Skitour Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m From Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.12.2019 NW Hike Buochserhorn 1,806m From Maria Rickenbach (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.08.2019 GR/GL Mountaineering Tödi 3,614m From Camona da Punteglias, descent to Fridolnshut (Gipfelbuch entry)
25.07.2019 South Tyrol Alpine Walk Klobenstein   Walk to the Earth Pyramides
24.07.2019 South Tyrol Hike Settsass 2,571m Passo di Valparola - Settsass - Üita Pralongia (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.07.2019 South Tyrol Mountaineering Pisciadu   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.07.2019 South Tyrol Hike Piz Boè 3,152m Ütia Franz Kostener - Les Fontanes - Piz Boè  - Ütia Franz Kostener (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.07.2019 South Tyrol Alpine Walk Cinque Torri   Walk around and through the Cinque Torri
20.07.2019 South Tyrol Hike Langkofel- Plattkofel   From Sellajoch around the Langkofel and Plattkofel back to the Sellajoach (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.07.2019 South Tyrol Mointaineering Lagazuoi   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.07.2019 South Tyrol Mountaineering Kreuzkofel   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.07.2019 South Tyrol Hike Sass Songher 2,2665m Kolfuschg - Sass Songher - La Villa (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.07.2019 South Tyrol Alpine Walk Pragser Wildsee    
15.07.2019 South Tyrol Mountaineering Alpini   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.07.2019 South Tyrol Mountaineering Zwölferkoffel   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.07.2019 South Tyrol Mountaineering Paternnkoffel   Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.04.2019 OW Snowshoe Rickhubel 1,943m From Glaubenberg-Lanigs (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.03.2019 UR Snowshoe Pazzolastock 2,740m From Oberalppass to Andermatt undercutting the peak (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.03.2019 GR Skitour Piz Daint 2,968m From Buffalora (Gipelbuch entry)
12.03.2019 GR Skitour Piz Champatsch 2,969m From Guarda (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.03.2019 GR Skitour Piz Arina 2,828m From Vna (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.02.2019 FR/BE Snowshoe Hundsrügg 2,047m Ascent from Jaun Pass to Hundsrügg and via Bierhubel and Wannehörli down to Saanenmöser (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.01.2019 TI Snowshoe Föisc 2,208m Ascent from Brugnasco to Piatto dei Larici and via Rütan back to Brugnasco. We didn't climb Föisc all the way (Gipfelbuch entry)
25.11.2018 OW Hike Miesenstock 1,895m Ascent from Glaubenberg Langis via Ochsenalp to Riedmattstock. From there along the ridge via Nollen and Miesenstock to Trogenegg and from there back to Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.11.2018 SZ Hike Morgartenberg 1,244m Walk from Sattel to Morgartenbgerg and back in a loop to Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.10.2018 SZ Alpine Walk Rigi   Walk from Rigi Kaltbad to Rigi Staffelhöhe and back in a loop to Rigi Kaltbad
30.09.2018 BE Mountaineering Tierberglihütte 2,795m Umpol Parkinglot - Via Ferrata - Tierberglihütte and back on the hiking path (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.09.2018 BE Mountaineering Blüemlisalphorn 3,661m Blüemlisalphütte - Rothornsattel - Blüemlisalphorn and back (Gipfelbuch entry) A special day with a forecast storm and we were the only team on the mountain but we made it. The wind actually only reached gusts of some 50km/h. However, it picked up to over 100km/h after our return.
03.09.2018 BE Hike Sigriswiler Rothorn 2,051m Wileralmi - Bärglichäle - Sigriswiler Rothorn - Vorders Schafslage - Schafsloch - Flühlauenen - Justistal - Schwandflue - Wileralmi (Gipfelbuch entry)
AI Hike numerous   Hiked in the Alpstein:
29.07.: Brülisau - Fähnerenspitz - Brülisau
30.07.: Brülisau - Hohen Kasten - Stauberen
31.07.: Stauberen - Altmann - Rotsteinpass
01.08.: Rotsteinpass - Säntis - Seealpsee
02.08.: Seealpsee - Ebenalp - Schäfler
03.08.: Schäfler - Säntis - Tierwies
04.08.: Tierwies - Schwägalp - Kronberg
Total 5,999m climb and 102.4km distance
BE, NE, VD, SO Hike numerous   Hiked the Jura Höhenweg:
21.07.: Biel - Chasseral
22.07.: Chasseral - Vue des Alpes
23.07.: Vue des Alpes - Col la Tourne
24.07.: Vallorba - Le Pont
25.07. (morning): Bike around Lac de Joux
25.07. (afternoon): Mittler Balmberg - Röti - Mittler Balmberg
26.07.: Mittler Balmberg - Balsthal
Total 4,326m climb and 102.8km distance
14.07.2018 OW Mountaineering Graustock 2,662m Jochpass - Graustock Via Ferrata - Jochpass (Gipfelbuch entry)
07.07.2018 LU Hike Mitaggüpfi 1,917m Stäfeli - Mittaggüpfi - Oberalp - Stafel - Trochenmattsattel - Stäfeli (Gipfelbuch entry)
02.04.2018 OW Snowshoe Troggenegg 1,820m Langis - Schnabel - Seewenegg - Glaubenberg Passhöhe - Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.03.2018 GR Skitour Flüla Wisshorn 3,085m Tschuggen (Wöschchuchi-Roundtrip) only to Skidepot (Gipfelbuch entry)
12.03.2018 GR Skitour Bülenhorn 2,512m Davos SHIMA - Alp Ischlag - Bülenhorn - Davos SHIMA (Gipfelbuch entry)
04.03.2018 UR Snowshoe Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m Albert Heim Hütte - Chli Bielenhorn - Tiefenbach (Gipfelbuch entry)
03.03.2018 UR Snowshoe Auf den Stöcken (Schafberg) 2,591m Realp - auf den Stöcken - Albert Heim Hütte (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.01.2018 UR Skitour Stotzigen Firsten 2,572 Realp - Stotzigen Firsten - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.08.2018 SZ Hike Grosser Mythen 1,899 Leisurely Hike from Brunni
31.07.2017 BE Hike Faulhorn 2,681 Grindelwald First, Faulhorn, Schynige Platte (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.07.2017 BE Mountaineering Allmenhubel 1,625 Via Ferrata
17.07.2017 OW Mountaineering Fürenwand 1,840 Via Ferrata
28.05.2017 TI Alpine Walk     Morcote - Carona
21.05.2017 SZ Alpine Walk Dossen 1,685 Rigi Scheidegg - Dossen - Rigi Kaltbad
13.05.2017 SO Hike Belchenfluh 1,099 Hïägendorf - Teufelsschlucht - Allerheiligenberg - Groidenhöchi - General Wille Haus - Homberglücke - Teufelsschlucht - Hïägendorf
16.04.2017 TI Hike Denti della Vecchia 1,395 Villa Luganese - Alpe Bolla - Denti della Vecchia - Capanna Pairolo - Cimadera
12.03.2017 BE Snowshoe Höhi Wispile 1,939 From WISPILE TALSTATION to HÖHI WISPILE and VIA SATTELEGGBÄRGLI and GSCHWÄNDVORSCHESS to GSTEIG (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.02.2017 BE Skitour Bunderspitz 2,546 From Margelibrücke (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.02.2017 NW Snowshoe Buochserhorn 1,806 From Niederrickenbach via Bleikigrat to Buochserhorn (south side). Descent via Arhölzli, Unt. Müllerboden (west side) to Niederrickenbach (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.01.2017 SZ Snowshoe Wildspitz 1,580 Sattel - Halsegg - Langmatt - Wildspitz - Obhekapellte - Schiboden - Herrenegg - Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry
21.01.2017 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040 Snowshoe hike from Glaubenberg (langis) - Glaubenberg Passhöhe - Rickhubel - Fürstein - Ober Sewen - Schnabel - Glaubenberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
09.10.-15.10. Italy Mountaineering     1 week of rock climbing in Finale Ligure
25.09.2016 OW Hike Engelberger Rotstock 2,819m From Oberrickenbach Gondola to Bannalp and from there via Schonegg to Rotgrätli and to Engelberger Rotstock. Descent via Rugghübel SAC to Ristis and there Gondola to Engelberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.09.2016 TI Hike Monte Bigorio 1,167m From Convento Sta Maria via Sciss di Fiori to Condra and straight to the peak. Back to Condra via Monti di Cima and from there via Pambio to Convento Santa Maria
27.08.2016 SG Hike Alvier 2,335m From Berghaus Palfries via Chemmi to Alvier and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.04.2016 UR Snowshoe Rossstock 2,461m From Lidernenhütte via Spilauerhütten and Chli Tisch to the peak. Descentvia Chli Tisch, Ober Hütti to Lidernenhütte (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.03.2016 GR Skitour Mount Culmatsch 2,897m Ascent from Rueras below the rock cliff below Mount Culmatsch (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.03.2016 GR Skitour Mount Vanatsch 2,478m Ascent from Cavorgia via Val Gierm, Descent via Pellis (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.03.2016 GR/TI Skitour Pizzo dell'Uomo 2,663m Ascent from Lucomagno Pass to nameless pre-peak of Pizzo dell'Uomo. Descent to Vale Termine, ascent namless to pre-peak Mount Schenadü, descent to Lucomagno pass (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.03.2016 GR Skitour Piz Ault 2,471m Ascent from Fuorns, descent via Val Platas to Curaglia (Gipfelbuch entry)
20.03.2016 GR Skitour Piz Cachlé 2,523m From parking outside Rueras (direction Oberalp) climg along the left side of Aua da Milà creek. At Alp Milà turn right the steep incline (Gipfelbuch entry
21.02.2016 OW Snowshoe Fürstein 2,040m Snowshoe hike from Glaubenberg (langis) - Glaubenberg Passhöhe - Rickhubel - Fürstein - Ober Sewen - Schnabel - Glaubenberg
24.01.2016 OW Snowshoe Rickhubel 1,943m Snowshoe hike from Glaubenberg (Langis) - Glaubenberg Passhöhe - Rickhubel - Ober Sewen - Schnabel -Glaubenberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
31.10.2015 OW Hike Mändli 2,061m Hike from Mörlialp via Fuonalp to Mount Mändli and from there via Chringe, Alpoglen back to Mörlialp (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.10.2015 LU Hike Schimbrig 1,815m Hike from Stilaub parking lot  (near Gfellen) via Bad Schimbrig to peak. Descent via via Looegg, Ch�tterech, Grund, Wanegg back to parking lot (Gipfelbuch entry)
01.10.2015 USA, NH Hike Mt. Moosilauke 1,464m Hike from the Dartmouth's Ravine Lodge along the Gorge Brook Trail to Mount Moosilauke. The descent was done via the east peak.
28.09.2015 USA, NH Hike     Hike from Pinkham Notch to Tuckerman's Ravine
22.09.2015 USA, WY Hike     Taggart and Bradely Lake Hike in Grand Teton National Park
21.09.2015 USA, WY Hike     Two Ocean Lake Hike in Grand Teton National Park
30.08.2015 BE Hike     Hiked from Lauensee via Chrine Pass to Feutersoy and from there to Gstaad
03.08.2015 TI Hike Denti della Vecchia 1,395m Villa Luganese - Alpe Bolla - Denti della Vecchia - Capanna Pairolo - Cimadera
02.08.2015 TI Hike Valle Vezasca   Sonogno - Brione - Lavertezzo
26.07.2015 GR Mountaineering Sulzfluh 2,817m Partnun - Via Ferrata Sulzfluh - Sulzfluh Caves - Lake Parnun- Partnun (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.07.2015 UR Hike Sunnig Grat 2,033m Arnisee - Riedboden - Sunnig Grat- Alp Furt - Arnisee (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.03.2015 UR Skitour Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m Realp -T�tsch -Tiefengletscher - Chli Bielenhorn (Gipfelbuch entry)
08.02.2015 TI Snowshoe F�isc 2,208m Von Brugnasco via R�tan - Bosco di R�tan - Pian T�i (Punkt 1891) to F�isc and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
02.01.2015 SZ Snowshoe Wildspitz 1,580m Sattel - Halsegg - Langmatt - Wildspitz - Obhekapellte - Sch�boden - Herrenegg - Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry
01.01.2015 OW Snowshoe Rickhubel 1,943m Glaubenberg/Langis - Glaubenberg Passh�he - Rickhubel - Ober Sewen - Punkt 1821 - Miesenstock - Nollen - Riedmattstock - Punkt 1714 - Seli - M�nchenboden - Glaubenberg/Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.11.2014 UR Skitour Stotzigen Firsten 2,752m Realp - Stotzigen Firsten - realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.10.2014 BE Hike Faulhorn 2,681m Schynige Platte - S�gissa - Faulhorn - First (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.09.2014 NW Hike Brisen 2,404m Klewenalp - Briesenhaus SAC - Heitibuel - Peterl�cke/Haldigrat - Brisen - Glattegrat - Risetenstock - Ch�lenegg - Klewenalp (Gipfelbuch entry
22.06.2014 GL Hike Rautispitz 2,283m Obersee - Geiskappel -Rautispitz - Rautialp -  Rautih�tten - Grapplistafel - Obersee (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.06.2014 GL Mountaineering Hing. Eggstock 2,455m Via Ferrata in Braunwald (alle three sections) (Gipfelbuch entry)
08.06.2014 TI Hike Gazzirola 2,116m Total 11 peaks and 3,264m climb: Tesserte (Convento St. Maria) - Monte Bigorio (1�118m) � Gola di Lago (1�000m) - Caval Drossa (1�632m) � Monte Bar (1�816m) � Cima Moncucco (1�725m) � Gazzirola (2�116m) � San Lucio (1�541m) � Cima de Fojorina (1�809m) � Cima dell�Oress (1�706m) � Cap. Pairolo (1�347m) � Denti della Vecchia (1�432m) � Alpe Bolla (1�129m) � Monte Boglia (1�516m) � Br� Paese (800m) � Monte Br� (945m) (Gipfelbuch entry)
01.06.14 France Hike Gorge de Regalon   Regalon Parking at la Tuill�re west of Merindol - Gorge - Les Mayorques - Regalon Parking (Gipfelbuch entry)
31.05.14 France Hike Gorge de l'Ard�che   Saint Martin d'Ard�che
04.05.14 NE Hike Creux du Van 1,463m Champ du Moulin - Gorge de l'Areuse - Ferme Robert - Le Soliat - Les Oeuillons - Le Furcil - Gorge de l'Areuse - Champ du Moulin (Gipfelbuch entry)
31.03.14 GR Skitour Piz Pal� 3,901m Diavolezza - downhill to Glacier - ascent to ski depot - from there with the crampons to the East Peak and across the ridge to the main Peak. Return to ski depot and downhill to Morteratsch (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.03.14 GR Skitour Piz Lagrev 3,164m From the Julier Pass near Alp G�glia up towards the south and back (Gipfelbuch entry
03.03.14 South Africa Hike Table Mountain 1,085m From Kirstenbosch through the Skeleton Gorge and via Maclear's Bacon to Table Mountain and from there down through the Platteklip Gorge (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.02.14 UR Skitour Rossbodenstock 2,836m From Oberalppass via Tomasee to Martschall�cke and from there to Rossbodenstock. Downhill via the Westflanke (Alp Rossboden) to Andermatt (Gipelbuch entry)
08.12.13 OW Snowshoe Rickhubel 1,943m Snowshoed from Glaubenberg Langis via Glaubenberg Pass to Rickhubel and via Ober Sewen back to Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
07.12.13 UR Snowshoe Auf den St�cken 2,591m Snowshoed from Realp up towards Schafberg but didn't make it all the way. Returned via Hotel Tiefenbach (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.10.13 OW Mountaineering F�renalp 1,840m Via Ferrata from End der Welt (end of the world) near Engelberg to the F�renalp (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.10.13 SZ Alpine Walk Rigi
  Leisurely stroll through the fresh snow from Rigi Scheidegg to Rigi First
17.08.13 GR Hike Rossbodenstock 2,836m Oberalppass - Pazolastock - Martschall�cke - Rossbodenstock - Parlet - Piz Tuma - Lai da Tuma - Oberalppass (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.08.13 GL/GR Hike Sengas Pass 2,627m Fist ascent with the Niderenbahn - Hike to Segnas Pass - descent to La Siala - great loop around the north side of  Plaun Segnas Sura - Crossing of Fourcla Raschaglius - Take Gondola from Fil de Cassons down to  Flims (Gipfelbuch entry
01.08.13. France Hike La Trou de La Mouche 2,467m La Clusaz - Parking La Lanchette (next to Lac Confins) - Paccaly - ascent through Combe Paccalay - descent trough Combe du Gran Cr�t - La Lanchette (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.07.13 VS Mountaineering Daubenhorn 2,942m Via Ferrta Daubenhorn (all sections) (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.07.13 BE Hike Wist�tthorn 2,362m St. Stephan - Birre - Wist�tthorn - Descent along the rdige to R�wlishore and from there to R�wlispass and down toh Turbach and eventually  Gstaad (Gipfelbuch entry)
07.07.13 SG Hike Wildseeluggen 2,493m Pizolh�tte - Wildseeluggen - Schottensee - Schwarzsee - Gamidauerspitz - Baschalsee - Gaffia (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.05.13 SO Alpine Walk Belchenflue 1,099m H�gendorf - Teufelsschlucht - Allerheiligenberg - Groidenh�chi - General Wille Haus - Hombergl�cke - Schl�ssli - Teufelsschlucht - H�gendorf (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.05.13 Italy Alpine Walk Monte Gaginara 772m Vom Colle Telegrafico bei Biassa oberhalb von La Spezia entlang dem Cinque Terre Wanderweg Nr. 1 via Montei dei Fraschi, Monte Verrugoli, Monte Grosso, Monte Capri, Monte Marvede zum Monte Gaginara und von dort via Monte Castello, Monte Malpertuso, Monte S. Croce, Monte Negro nach Levanto (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.03.13 UR Snowshoe Schafberg 2,591m Realp - Hotel Galenstock - Auf den St�cken - Albert Heim H�tte - Tr�benseeplanggen - Tiefenbach - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.02.13 OW Skitour Rotsandnollen 2,700m Melchseefrutt - Tannalp - Rotsandnollen - Heufrutt - St�ckalp (Gipfelbuch entry)
09.02.13 NW Snowshoe F�rstein 2,040m  Glaubenberg - Rick - Schnabel - Schnabelspitz - Rickhubel - F�rstein - Ober Sewen - Schnabel - Glaubenberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.12.12 UR Snowshoe Stotzigen Firsten 2,752m Snowshoed from Realp via Deieren to Stotzigen Firsten and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.12.12 TI Snowshoe Monte Bigorio 1,188m Snowshoed from Gola di Lago - Monti di Cima - Condra to Monte Bigorio and back wvia Portico - Padovano back to Gola di Lago (Gipfelbuch entry)
25.11.12 SG Hike Walenstadtberg 1,662m Hiked from Walenstadtberg via R�fenen to Tschingla and from there via Schrina-Obers�ss, Hochrugg back to Walenstadtberg (pictures)
15./16.09.12 BE Mountaineering Wildstrubel 3,243m On Saturday I did "Erlebnis Klettersteig" in the Gemmi Rockface (Pictures) and on Sunday morning (04:30am start) I did climb the easy Mount Wildstrubel on a unbelievable beautiful day which allowed to see from the top the vast majority of the Valais 4,000m mountains, 100% of the Bernese Oberland, parts of the central Swiss mountains and large part of the Swiss Middleland (Gipfelbuch entry)
09.09.12 OW Hike Stanserhorn 1,848m Family Hike from Wirzweli along the south ridge to Mount Stanserhorn and from there with the "Convertible Cable Car" back down.
13.08.12 BE Hike Faulhorn 2,681m Did again the "Mother of all hikes" from Schynige Platte via Faulhorn to Grindelwald First. We did again an overnight stay before the start at Schynige Platte. As novelty I swam in Bachalpsee at 2,300m and on the way home also in Lake Brienz (Pictures)
02.08.12 TI Mountainbike Monte Bar 1,620m Mountainbiked from Lugano-Massagno via Tesserete to the Capanna Monte Bar and from there onwards to Capanna San Lucio and down via Cimadera - Sonvico back to Lugano-Massagno. This was part of a training weekend where on 1 August I cycled with the road-bike around Lago di Lugano, hiked on 3 August, ran/sam on 4 August and cycled again on 5 August.
01.05.12 SO/BL Mountainbike Belchenflue 1,099m Oensingen - Roggenflue - B�retswil - Belchenflue - Isenthal - Olten
28.04.12 AG/SO Mountainbike flat   Aarau - Olten - Solothurn - Altreu (75km)
31.03.12 UR Skitour Chronenstock 2,451m Lidernen hut - Bl�em�lpli - Chronenstock - descent to Ch�ppeliberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.03.12 GR Skitour Gross Leckihorn 3,068m Realp - Rotondo hut - Rott�lipass - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.03.12 GR Snowshoe Chlei Chr�z 2,103m Von Pany via Tschuogg M�ssboden zum Chlei Chr�z. Abstieg via Valpun, Gross Ried, Capgelgun nach St. Ant�nien (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.03.12 UR/TI Skitour Pizzo Centrale 2,999m Skitour Safari from Gemsstock via Gitz�lpligrat, Vermighel hut, Maighel pass, Unteralpreuss valley, Andermatt (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.03.12 GR Skitour Stotzigen Firsten 2,752m Realp - Stotzigen Firsten - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.02.12 GR Skitour Camaner Grat 2,564m Safien-Platz - Zal�n - Sch�nboda - Punkt 2528 und Abfahrt zur�ck nach Safien-Platz (Gipfelbuch entry)
15.01.12 NW Snowshoe Buochserhorn 1,806m From Niederrickenbach via Bleikigrat to Buochserhorn (south side). Descent via Arh�lzli, Unt. M�llerboden (west side) to Niederrickenbach (Gipfelbuch entry)
14.01.12 UR Skitour Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m Realp -T�tsch -Tiefengletscher - Chli Bielenhorn (Gipfelbuch entry)
27.11.11 NW Hike F�rstein 2,040m Glaubenberg - Rick - Schnabel - Schnabelspitz - Rickhubel - F�rstein - Ober Sewen - Schnabel - Glaubenberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.11.11 NW Hike Buochserhorn 1,807m Hiked from Maria-Rickenbach to Buochserhorn and via the north-west side back
13.11.11 BE Mountainbike Hornflue 1,938m Mountainbiked from Gstaad via the Turbach valley to Hornflue and from there down to Sch�nried where I took the Gondola to Rellerli from where I downhilled through the Griesbach Valley to Saanen only to reclimb to Sch�nried for a loop to Saanenm�ser. Note: the previous day I road-cycled from Bex via two passes to Gstaad.
30.10.11 TI Hike Monte Bigorio 1,188m Tesserete - Bigorio - Condra - Monte Bigorio - Gola di Lago - Picchetta - Monti di Roveredo - Roveredo - Tesserete (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.10.11 SZ Hike Hochstuckli 1,566m Sattel - Feldmoos - Ch�ngstb�el - Summeraubrig - Bl�emlisberg - Mostelegg - Hochstuckli - Banegg - Herrenboden - Mostelberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.10.11 NE Hike Creux du Van 1,463m From station Champ du Moulin through Gorge d'Areuse and direct ascent to Ferme Robert and from there to Le Soliat. Descent along the ridge to Boudry via La Grand Vy, Le Lessy, Le Belv�d�re  (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.10.11. LU Mountainbike Seebodenalp 1,039m Mountainbiked from Cham via Buonas and Immensee to Seeobdenalp and from there the same way back (the single trail downhill towards Arth was unfortunately closed due to woodworks) (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.10.11 GL Mountaineering Planggenstock 1,675m Hiked from Morgenholz to Hirzli and from there along the ridge to Planggenstock and back to Morgenholz via a long loop via Muesalp (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.10.11 SZ Mountaineering Gross Aubrig 1,695m Hiked from Sattelegg via Wicherten and Wildegg to Chli Aubrig und and then directly to Gross Aubrig. Descent on the North Side via Unter Alten back to Sattelegg (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.09.11 Tibet Mountainering Cho Oyu 8,201m Expedition to Cho Oyu. However, due to first a surprise Blizzard and later avalanche danger we had to abort to summit attempts. The second attempt was aborted at ca. 7,500m.
14.08.11 Ecuador Alpine Walk Chimborazo 5,000m Did the short stroll vom the first refuge to the second refuge. Unfortunately I did neither have time nor space to take any relevant equipment for serious mountaineering while in Ecuador. The Chimborazo is with 6,310m Ecuador's highest mountain as measured from sea level. Measured from the center of the Earth, it is the world's highest mountain given the location at the equator where the world is "thicker".
18.06.11 France Mountaineering Glaci�re d'Avirnoz 1,800m Iceclimbing in an iced cave (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.06.11 France Mountaineering Aiguille du Midi 3,842m Climbed Cosmique Ridge (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.05.11 France Mountaineering La Roche du Roux 1,550m Via Ferrata which was relatively shot and easy but with some tricky elements, e.g. a long, very exposed Nepal bridge and Tyrolienne)
21.05.11 BE Mountainbike Kleinsche Scheidegg 2,061 Mountainbiked from Lauterbrunnen via Winteregg to M�rren and via Stechelberg back to Lauterbrunnen then up via Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg (mostly along the Jungfrau Marathon course) and from Kleine Scheidegg down to Grindelwald and via Zweil�tschine back to Lauterbrunnen. This was a total climb of 2,485m and a disance of 68km. (Gipfelbuch entry)
08.05.11 GL Hike M�rtschenstock   Hiked in a big loop around M�rtschenstock from H�ttenberge (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.03.11 GR Snowshoe Hasenfl�eli 2,412 Snowshoed from St. Ant�nien via Aschariner Alp to Hasenfl�eli and from there along the ridge almost to Eggberg before heading down towards Sunnistafel and eventually back to St. Ant�nien (Gipfelbuch entry), (pictures)
05.03.11 UR Skitour Gross Leckihorn 3,068 Skitoured from Realp via the Rotondo Cabin SAC to Gross Leckihorn and skied down the same way. (Gipfelbuch entry)
01.03.11 GR Skitour Motta da Sett 2,637 Skied from the top of Mot Scalotta down to Alp Tgaorettga and skitoured up to Motta da Sett from where we skied down back to Bivio via Foppa. (pictures, only first page of pictures applies)
28.02.11 GR Skitour Flumserberge   A full day of "gondola supported" skitouring aka Freeriding in fantastic powder snow (pictures)
04.02.11 UR Snowshoe Schafberg 2,591 Snowshoed from Realp to Hotel Galenstock and then on direction Schafberg which we, however, did only underpass towards the tip of the Tiefenbach glacier before we headed down to Tiefenbach from where we took sledes back down to Realp.
16.01.11 UR Skitour Gloggent�rmli 2,689 In the course of a Skitouring-learing weekend we skied from G�msstock via Gafallenl�cke to Gloggent�rmli and from there on to Hospental via the Gotthard pass (Gipfelbuch entry)
02.01.11 TI Hike Monte Bigorio 1,188 Hiked from Tesserete - Bigorio - Condra  to Monte Bigorio and back via Gola di Lago - Picchetta - Monti di Roveredo - Roveredo to Tesserete, i.e. a big loop around Valle die Capriasca (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.12.10 OW Snowshoe Rotsandnollen 2,700 Snoshoed from Melchsee-Frutt to Rotsandnollen and back. From Melchsee-Frutt I snow-sled down to Stoeckalp (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.12.10 UR Snowshoe Chli Bielenhorn 2,940 Snowshoed from Realp via Hotel Galenstock and the Tiefen-Glacier to Chli Bielenhorn and back via Tiefenbach to Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
18./19.12.10 GR Mountaineering Davos Region   Two days of Off-Piste Powder Snow course with mountain guide
11.12.10 TI Hike Motto de la Croce 1,393 Hiked from Roveredo via Rogia, Monti di Treggia to Motto de la Croce and back to Roveredo via Monti di Roveredo
04.12.10 OW Swnowshoe Rickhubel 1,943 Snowshoed from Glaubenberg Langis via Glaubenberg Pass to Rickhubel and back via Ober Sewen to Glaubenberg Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
xx.11.10 LU Alpine Walk Rigi 1,798 Walked from Rigi Scheidegg via Felsenweg, Rotstock, Rigi Staffel to Rigi Kulm
06.11.10 VS Hike Fl�ealp 2,070m I was in Leukerbad for the Gigathlon Kick-Off weekend and took advantage for a Fall hike to Fl�elalp on a glorious days Pictures
08.10.10 USA Hike Tuckerman Ravine 1,350m Hiked from Pinkham Notch up to Tuckerman Ravine
19.09.10 NE Hike Creux du Van 1,463m Hike to the dramatic rock arena (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.09.10 NE Mountaineering Tichodrom 1,119m Via Ferrata Tichodrom (Gipfelbuch entry)
05.09.10 GL Mountaineering Vrenelisg�rtli 2,904m Two day trip with a group to Vrenelisg�rtli where part of the downhill was covered with the Mountainbike (Gipfelbuch entry) Pictures
03.09.10 UR Mountaineering Chli Bilenhorn 3,940m Climbed the Turtle Ridge to Chli Bielenhorn (Gipfelbuch entry) Pictures
23.08.10 BE/VS Mountaineering Jungfrau 4,158m  Normal route M�nchsjochh�tte - Jungfraufirn - Rottalsattel - Jungfrau - Jungfraujoch (Gipfelbuch entry) Pictures
22.08.10 BE Mountaineering Allmenalp   Via Ferrata Allmenalp. I even had the chance to witness a long-line rescue by REGA (Swiss air rescue organization) Pictures
21.08.10 OW Hike Hochstollen 2,481m Hike from St�ckalp - Stepfen - Innenbach - Bachegg - Seefeld - Chringegr�tli - Abgsch�tz to Hochstollen and down via Abgsch�tz - Sp�tb�el - Melchsee Frutt (Gipfelbuch entry)
01.08.10 TI Hike Poncione d'Arzo 1,015m Hike from Arzo - Costa di Probello to Poncione d'Arzo  and then to Crocifisso - Serpiano (Gipfelbuch entry
31.07.10 TI Hike Camogh� 2,228m Hike from Colla - Pozzaiolo - Corte Langoni to Camogh�  and then on the North Face down  Corte di Campo - Alpe Caneggio - Isone (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.07.10  GR Hike Fl�ela Schwarzhorn
3,146m Susch (Abzw. Schwarzhorn) - Schwarzhornfurgga - Schwarzhorn - Schwarzhornfurgga - Fuorcla Rad�nt - Fuorcla da Grialetsch - D�rrboden (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.06.10 SO/BL/AG Mountainbike Belchenflue   A full day of mountainbikining with a total of 1'620m ascent:  Oensingen - Tiefmatt - Schlossh�chi - B�renwil - W�esth�chi - Belchenflue - Ifenthal - Froburg - Burgweid - Schafmatt - Rohr - Aarau
23.05.10 SO/BL Hike     A full-day of Hiking: Wolfschlucht, Ob. Tannmatt - G�ggel - Laupersd�rfer Stierenberg - Bremgarten - Oberberg - Balsthal
16.05.10 TI Hike   A half-day hike: Miglieglia - Astano - Sessa - Castelrotto - Barico
15.05.10 TI Hike   A half-day hike: Arosio - Agra Bassa - Cademario - Aranno - Miglieglia
09.05.10 OW Skiing Titlis   A day of skiing in perfect conditions in Engelberg (
11.04.10 SO Hike Belchenflue 1,099m A  beautiful day of hiking in the Jura mountains: Oensingen - Roggenflue - Tiefmatt - Schlossh�chi - B�renwil - W�esth�chi - Belchenflue - Ifenthal
02.04.10 BE Skiing     Spent a day of alpine skiing in the nice south-facing ski region Meinringen-Hasliberg
01.03.10 SZ Snowshoe Redertengrat 2'100m  From Hinterbuch at the end of W�gitalersee via Schwantli Laui Lauib�el to the ridge and from there along the ridge to the highest point. Descent via Matt, Lufth�tte, Rinderweid, F�llegen (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.02.10 TI Snowshoe F�isc 2,208m Brugnasco - R�tan - Motti - Pian T�i - F�isc - Valle di B�i - Brugnasco (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.02.10 UR Snowshoe Gross Leckihorn 3,068m Realp - Witwasserental - Rotondoh�tte - Witenwasserengletscher and back, i.e. I didn't reach the peak as I was too late in the day (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.01.10 UR Snowshoe Chli Bielenhorn 2.940m Realp - Hotel Galenstock - Tr�ebenseeplanggen - Chli Bielenhorn - T�ebenseeplanggen - Tiefenbach - Realp (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.01.10 NW Snowshoe Buochserhorn 1,807m Niederrickenbach - Bleiki - Buchoserhorn and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.12.09 OW Snowshoe F�rstein 2,039m Langis - Glaubenbergpass - Rickhubel - F�rstein - Ober Sewen - Schnabel - Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.11.09 LU Alpine Walk Dossen 1,685m Rigi Scheidegg - Seeweg - Untersetten - Dossen - Rigi Scheidegg
25.10.09 TI Alpine Walk Comino 1,155m Costa via Selna, Dr�i nach Monti di Camino (Gipfelbuch entry)
18.10.09 TI Hike Madone 2,039m Cimetta - Cima de la Trosa - Madone and back (Gipfelbuch entry)
11.10.09 TI Hike Dosso Bello 1,098m Muggio - Pianspessa - Balduana - La Grassa - Dosso Bello - Caviano - Castel San Pietro (Gipfelbuch entry)
04.10.09 TI Hike Cima di Fojorina 1,810m Certara - Freggio - La Corte - Cugnolo de la Fornace - Colmo di S. Bernardo - Cima di Fojorina - Cima dell'Oress - Passo Pairolo - Denti della Vecchia - Alpe Bolla - Villa Luganese - Sonvico (Gipfelbuch entry)
27.09.09 GL Hike Ortstock 2,717m Braunwald - Ober Stafel - B�rentritt - Furggele - Ortstock - Furggele - B�rentritt - B�tzi - Gumen (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.09.09 GL Mountaineering Eggst�cke 2,436m All three sections of the Via Ferrata (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.09.09 VS Mountaineering Wiwanni   Two days of rock climbing in the Wiwanni area (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.09.09 BE Hike Morgenberghorn 2,249m Leissigen - Unders Hore - Fulwasser - Brunni - Morgenberghorn - Renggli - Mittelberg - Ramsertmatten - Saxeten (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.08.09 BE Hike Gerihorn 2,130m Mitholz - Undere Giessene - H�je Stand - Giesigrat (2'310m) - Grath�tte - Gehrihorn - Ramslauenen - Kiental (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.08.09 BE/VS/VD Hike Sex Rouge 2,971m Santesch Bahn - Col du Sanetsch - Cabane Prarochet - Glacier Tsanfleuron - Sex Rouge (Gipfelbuch entry)
13.08.09 Scotland Hike Ben Hope 927m From Strathmore River parking up along the the waterfalls to the shoulder and then along the shoulder to the peak and the same path back (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.07.09 SZ Hike Wasserbergfirst 2,341m Hiked from Lipisb�el diretly to Zingl and then via Oberen Tr�smeren - to Wasserbergfirst from there back via Oberen Tr�smeren and Zingl and the alp gravel road to Lipisb�el (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.07.09 BE Hike Augstmatthorn 2,137m Hiked from Habkern - L�ger to Augstmatthorn then to Suggitre and along the Hardergrat via Roteflue to Harder Kulm (Gipfelbuch entry)
28.06.09 SZ Hike Gnipen 1,533m Hiked from Goldau via Abbruchweg to Gnipen and down via Wildspitz - Halsegg - Ramenegg - Schornenrain to Sattel (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.05.09 TI Hike Monte Salmone 1,560m
Hiked from Aurigeno - Capoli - M. Salmone - Passo della Garina to  Loco (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.05.09 TI Hike Monte Ferraro 1,493m Hiked from Toricella - Crana - Alpe di Toricella - La Bass - M. Ferraro - Arosio to Bosco Luganese
17.05.09 LU/BE Hike Napf 1,408m Hiked from Menzberg - Ob. Waldig - Hapfigchnubel - Napf - Champechnubel - Gr�tliegg - Witteschw�ndi to Escholzmatt (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.05.09 OW Skiing Titlis   A day of skiing in perfect conditions in Engelberg (
02.05.09 TI Hike Cimetta 1,671m Hiked from Mergoscia - Monti di Lego - Sceres - Alpe die Cardada to Cimetta (Gipfelbuch entry)
03.04.09 SO Hike     Hiked from Schwenigmatt - H�llch�pfli - Schatteberg - Hint. Hochbergli - Stierenberg - Balmberg - Schofgraben to Weissenstein (Gipfelbuch entry)
07.04.09 GR Snowshow Piz Surgonda 3,196 Snowshoed from the Julier Pass via Val d'Angel to Piz Surgonda and back down via Furcla Alva (Gipfelbuch entry)
06.04.09 GR Snowshoe Piz Daint 2,968 Snowshoed from Buffalora via the North-East face to the peak and down via the South-East face (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.03.09 ZH Mountaineering Indoor   Due to very poor weather we changed a snowshoe trip booked with my mountain guide to an indoor climbing course
01.03.09 SZ Snowshoe Furggelengstock 1,656m Snowshoed from Einsiedeln station via  Ch�len - Chli Amslen - Amselspitz (1'491m) - G�nschspitz - Butziflue (1'616m) to Furggelenstock and from there via  M�sliegg - Holzegg down to  Brunni (Gipfelbuch entry)
15.02.09 AG, BL, SO Hike Froburg 866m Hike in the snow from Barmelweid via Schafmatt and Burgweid to Froburg and from there via Wartenfels Castle, Bad Lostorf to Rohr
31.01.09 BE Snowshoe Wist�tthorn 2,362m Snowshoed from St. Stephan up to Wist�tthorn. Walked down to R�wlispass and climbed again to Hornberg from where I took the chairlift down (Gipfelbuch entry)
30.01.09 BE Snowshoe Hundsr�gg 2,047m Snowshoed from Jaunpass along the ridge to Hundsr�gg and from there to Bire where I did a big loop via Schneitgrat back to Bire from where I climbed Wanneh�rli, before I descended to Sch�nried and eventually Saanen (Gipfelbuch entry)
25.01.09-29.01.09 BE Skiing     5 days of skiing in the Gstaad ski region. After 5 excellent days I had enough and I spent the two last days of the vacations with snowwhoeing
11.01.09 TI Snowshoe Gazzirola 2,116m Snowshowed from Colla via Barchi - Ciapelon to Gazzirola and from there via Rif. Gazzirola - San Lucio to Bogno (Gipfelbuch entry)
04.01.09 TI Hike     Walked from Montagnola via Agra to Bosco della Vasina and then down to Castellacio and via Carabietta back to Montagnola
02.01.09 TI Snowshoe Motto della Croce 1,393m Snowshoed from Gola di Lago via Pian Passamonte direction of Mottel dell a Croce but had to turn underpassing it towards Rogia and eventually Tesserete
30.12.08 OW Snowshoe F�rstein 2,040m Snowshoed from Glaubenberg (Langis) via Rickhubel to Mount F�rstein and from there on a giant loop via Ober Sewen - Miesenstock - Nollen - Riedmattstock - Seli - Ochsenalp back to Langis (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.12.08-28.12.08 BE Skiing     Spent 3 days skiing the Gstaad region
24.12.08 BE Skiing     Spent a day of alpine skiing in the nice south-facing ski region Meinringen-Hasliberg
22.12.08 TI Snowshoe Monte Boglia 1,516m Snowshoed from Monte Br� via Br� Paese to Monte Boglia and from there via Alpe Bolla and Cureggia to Pregassona (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.12.08 TI Snowshoe Monte Bar 1,816m Snowshoed from Corticiasca via Alpe Musgatina and Capanna Monte Bar to Monte Bar and from there via Motto della Croce  and Roveredo to Tesserete. (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.11.08 SZ Hike Furggelenstock 1,656m Hiked from Ibergeregg via Br�nnelistock to Furggelenstock and back via Hobacher. (Gipfelbuch entry)
26.10.08 UR Hike B�lmeten 2,416m Hiked from Haldi to B�lmeten and back (1,333m climb). A true alpine hike (even though I had done a 21k marathon training run the previous day). (Gipfelbuch entry)
19.10.08 SO/BL/AG Hike Froburg 868m Leisurely Hike in the Jura mountains from Froburg to Salh�he via the fantastic Burgweid and Schafmatt in full Fall colors (the hike was leisurely as I had done a 33k marathon training the previous day)
28.09.08 LU/OW Hike Widderfeld 2,076m Hiked from top of Mount Pilatus to Tomlishorn, then along the challenging ridge to Widderfeld and from there down to Eigental (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.09.08 BE Hike Hoht�rli 2,778m Hiked from Gspaltenhornh�tte SAC via Hoht�rli - again a high alpine pass - to Kandersteg (Gipfel buch entry)
20.08.09 BE Hike Sefinenfurgge 2,612m Travelled to M�rren with two colleagues and hiked via Sefinenfurgge - a high alpine pass - to Gspaltenhornh�tte SAC (overnight stay) (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.09.08 VS Mountaineering Strahlhorn 4,190m Stayed overnight in Britanniah�tte SAC and climbe Strahlhorn the next day.  A technical easy but long ascent. (Gipfelbuch entry)
16.09.08 VS Mountaineering Allalinhorn 4,027m Travelled to Sas Fee and climbed Allalinhorn the same day (an easy 4,000m mountain) (Gipfelbuch entry)
17.08.08 AG Mountainbike     71.1km Mountainbike ride with 1,200m climb in the coure of Tour d'Argovie
16.08.08 GR Hike Eggberg 2,202m Leisurely afternoon hike with colleagues from Germany
03.08.08 BE Hike Tr�ttlisbergpass 2,038m Hike from Wasserngrat via Turnelsattel, Tr�ttlisbergpass, St�bleni to Betelberg (Gondola down to Lenk)
02.08.08 BE/VD Hike Waligh�rli
2,050m Hike from Gsteig 1,184m via Vordere Walig to Waligh�rli and then via Blattipass, Seeberg and Col de Vor� to Isenau 1,672m (Gondola down to Les Diablerets). There is no official trail to Waligh�rli but following the South-East Ridge up and then the West-Ridge down is easy.
01.08.08 BE Hike Sparenmoos   Leisurely panorama hike (due to b bad weather forecast) from Rellerli (1,831m) via Vorderi Schneit, Bire, Ufem Hubel to Sparenmoos (1,535m)
31.07.08 VD/BE Hike Col de Jable 1,884m Hike from L'Etivaz (1,140m) via Plan au Lare, Gros Jable to Col de Jable and from there via Tritlisattel to Chalberh�ni (1,235m)
25.07.08 BE Hike Schwalmere 2,777m 9 hour hike with 1,240m climb and 1,800m descent in high alpine area: Sulwald - Suls - Lobh�rner - Schwalmere - Gl�tschnessli - Spirigegrund - Kiental (Gipfelbuch entry)
20.07.08 SZ Hike N�sellstock 1,477m Leisurely hike: Rothenthurm - Ruchegg - N�sellstock - H�ch T�ndli - Grossbrechenstock (1'559m) - Bannegg - Mostelberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
29.06.08 BE Hike G�llihorn 2,284m 5.5 hour hike from Sunnb�el (Kandersteg) - G�llihorn - �schenegrat - Wyssi Flue (2'472m) - Schwarzgr�tli - Schwarenbach - Sunnb�el (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.06.08 BE Hike Wittenberghorn 2,350m 6 hour hike from Gstaad to Arnensee with a 1,286m climb (Gipfelbuch entry)
01.06.08 SO Hike Passwang
1,204m Easy spring hike while there was still lots of snow in the mountains (my foot is getting better, see 27.04. and 11.05.): Reigoldswil - Lauwil - Ulmeth�chi - Bogental - Bielieggli - Passwang - Vogelberg - Wasserfallen (down by Trotinette) (Gipfelbuch Entry)
11.05.08 AG, BL, Germany   Mountainbike   Another leisurely bike ride while my ankle was still hurting (see 27.04.). This time a 80km ride from Wohlen along the Aare river to Koblenz and from there  along the Rhine River to Stein-S�ckingen
10.05.08 OW Skiing Titlis 3,032m Last day of skiing this year
27.04.08 SO, BE, AG Mountainbike     Not really a mountain tour but after I very badly strained my ankle on training run on 26.04. I didn't get my thick swollen foot in anything else than my bike shoes for a 90km leisurely bike ride from Solothurn along the Aare river back home to Wohlen
13.04.08 NW Snowshoe Rot Gr�tli 2,559m 7 hour trip across Rot Gr�tli Pass down the other side down to Rugghubel Hut SAC and all the way back as the way down to Engelberg turned out to be too exposed to avalanches (Gipfelbuch Entry)
30.03.08 NW Snowshoe Chaiserstuel 2,400m Short snowshoe-trip due to avalanche danger which allowed for a mountainbike tour and 10k run in the afternoon (Gipfelbuch entry)
24.03.08 TI Hike Monte Bigorio 1,188m Leisurely Easter Hike to a wind-blown peak with again great views over Lugano from the north (Gipfelbuch entry)
23.03.08 TI Hike Monte San Girogio 1,097m Leisurely Easter Hike in the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Area with great views over Lugano from the south (Gipfelbuch entry)
22.0308 TI Hike Monte Bisbino 1,325m Leisurely Easter Hike from the Italian part of Switzerland to a nearby Italian Peak with views over Como (Gipfelbuch entry)
09.03.08 OW Snowshoe Rotsandnollen 2,700m Having come home at midnight from a one week marathon training  in Spain (100km run in total) I already left the house after 5 hours sleep to benefit from the great conditions (Gipfelbuch entry)
21.02.08-24.02.08 France Skiing Dome de la Lauze 3,500m Spent 3 1/2 days skiing in the region south of Grenoble (Les Deux Alpes, La Grave and Alpe d'Huez)
17.02.08 UR Snowshoe Hagelstock 2,182m After 3 weeks of spotless sunshine there were still excellent snowconditions. A minor climb ov 450m but with significant technical challenges (Gipfelbuch entry)
10.02.08 UR Snowshoe Pizzo Lucendro 2,963m Glorious day with perfect conditions for 1,400m climb over 20km distance (Gipfelbuch entry)
Jan/Feb BE Winter holidays     one week of skiing, mountain running through fresh snow and some snow-shoeing
02.01.08 SZ Alpine Walk Rigi Scheidegg 1,656m Walk from Rigi Scheidegg through deep snow on the Dossen north-side (Seeweg) to Rigi First

An attempt to list at least some of the mountain trips prior to 2008 (sorted descending by altitude in meters):

Date Region Type Peak Alt. m Comment
  India Mountaineering Stock Kangri 6,153 Highlight of a trek where we frequently walked across passes as high as 4,700m
  VS Mountaineering Castor 4,228 From Klein Matterhorn
  BE Mountaineering M�nch 4,107 Jungfraujoch -Mount M�nch and back
4.2004 BE Snowshoe Aebini Flue 3,962 4 day trip from Jungfraujoch via Konkordiaplatz to Hollandia Huette
2007 GR Mountaineering Piz Pal� 3,905 From Diavolezza
  BE Mountaineering Sustenhorn 3,503 Chelenalphuette, Sustenhorn,  Steingletscher
2006 GR Mountaineering Piz Kesch 3,418 From Berg�n, back via Porta d,Es-Cha
  BE Hike Schilthorn 2,970 From M�rren
  UR Hike Pizzo Lucendro 2,963 From above Airolo
  UR Hike Uri Rotstock 2,928 Isenthal, Musenalp, Uri Rotstock, Birwaldalp, Isenthal
2007 GR Snowshoe Sentischhorn 2,812 From D�rrboden
  BE Hike Hoht�rli 2,778 M�rren, Serfinenf�rge, Hoht�rli, Kandersteg (all in one day)
7.2003 BE Hike Albristhorn 2,763 Along the "Back Alley" (Hintere Gasse) from Adelboden via Albristhorn to Lenk
  UR Snowshoe Stotzigen Firsten 2,732 From Realp
  Peru Hike Huyana Picchu 2,701  
2007 OW Snowshoe Rotsandnollen 2,700 From Bonistock, had to turn on 2,537m due to late time of the day
  OW Hike Rotsandnollen 2,700 From Melchsee-Frutt, had to turn on 2,537m due to deteriorating weather
numerous BE Hike Faulhorn 2,681 Schynige Platte, Faulhorn, Grindelwald First (once in Winter from Grindelwald Bort to Faulhorn)
  GR Hike Weisshorn 2,653 From Arosa
  BE Hike Serfinenfurgge 2,612 M�rren, Serfinenf�rge, Hoht�rli, Kandersteg (all in one day)
2007 BE Mountaineering T�llistock 2,580 T�llih�tteT�llistock,  S�tteli, T�llih�tte
  TI Hike P. die Chent 2,570 Brione, passo to Sonogno, Brione
  UR Hike Rot-Gr�tli 2,559 From Oberrickenbach to Engelberg/Brunni
  BE Hike Bunderspitz 2,546 Along the "Back Alley" (Hintere Gasse) from Kandersteg via Bunderspitz to Adelboden
two climbs BE Hike Giferspitz 2,542 Gstaad , Giferspitz,  Gsteig and Wasserngrat, Giferspitz, Gstaad
  SZ Hike Chaiserstock 2,537 Emmetten, Choltal, Niederbauen, turned on 2,360m due to slippey conditions and went to Klewenalp
  TI Snowshoe Cristallina 2,537 Walked to the Cristallina Hut but could not do Piz Cristallina due to bad weather
  AI Hike S�ntis 2,501 Br�lisau, F�lensee, Altmann Grat, Mount S�ntis
  OW Hike Hochstollen 2,481 From Melchsee-Frutt
17.08.2007 GR Hike Schlappiner Spitz 2,442 From Klosters
  AI Hike Altmann 2,436 Br�lisau, F�lensee, Altmann Grat, Mount S�ntis
various NW Hike Brisen 1, Brisen 2 2,404 From Dallenwil, from Maria-Rickenbach and from Klewenalp
9.2007 BE Hike Niesen 2,362 Oey/Simmental (669m), Bruchgeeren, Mount Niesen
8.2003 NW Hike Widderfeldstock 2,351 Grafenort, Widderfeldstock, Engelberg
7.2003 BE Hike Brienzer Rothorn 2,349 From Br�nig to Brienzer Rothorn
  TI Hike Monte Magno 2,329 Alpe Foppa, Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema
  BE Hike Gemmipass 2,322 From Kandersteg via Gemmipass to Leukerbad
2007 GL Hike Schilt 2,300 From Grossberg via Fronalpstock to Schilt and back down to Enneda
  OW Hike Surenenpass 2,291 From Engelberg via Surenenpass to Attinghausen (partial use of lifts)
  GL Snowshoe Lelglerhuette 2,273 From Garichti
  NW Hike Schwalmis 2,246 From Klewenalp
  Australia Hike Mount Kosciuszko 2,228  
  OW Hike Arnihaaggen 2,207 From Br�nig to Brienzer Rothorn
  OW Mountainbike Jochpass 2,207 Engelberg. Tr�bsee, Jochpass, Engstlensee, Melchsee-Frutt, Sarnen
  BE Hike Stockhorn 2,190 Gurnigelbad (Wasserscheide), Leiterepass, Hohmad. Stockhorn
  SG Snowshoe H�enerchopf 2,171 From Mels and back to Mels
2007 GL Hike Fronalpstock 2,124 Grossberg, Fronalpstock, Schilt, Enneda
various NW Hike Pilatus 2,120 From Stansstad
  BE Hike Schynige Platte 2,100 Grindelwald First, Faulhorn, Schynige Platte
  LU Hike Hengst 2,092 Schlund, Hengst, Schibeng�tsch, Schlund
  LU Hike Schrattenflue 2,092 Schlund, Hengst, Schibeng�tsch, Schlund
  BE Hike Hohmad 2,075 Gurnigelbad (Wasserscheide), Leiterepass, Hohmad. Stockhorn
9.2007 BE Hike Burgfeldstand 2,063 Beatenberg, Justistal,  Gemmelalphorn, Niederhorn
9.2007 BE Hike Gemmealphorn 2,062 Beatenberg, Justistal,  Gemmelalphorn, Niederhorn
various BE Snowshoe Hundsr�egg 2,047 Sparenmoos, Hundsr�egg, Hugeligrat
  GL Snowshoe Schiberg 2,044 From W�gital
2007 LU Hike F�rstein 2,040 Glaubenberg, Ober Sewen, F�rstein,  Rickhubel, Glaubenberg
24.12.2007 LU Snowshoe F�rstein 2,040 Glaubenberg, Rickhubel, F�rstein, Ober Sewen, Glaubenberg (Gipfelbuch entry)
  LU Hike Schibeng�tsch 2,037 Schlund, Hengst, Schibeng�tsch, Schlund
  OW Hike Gibel 2,036 From Lungeren down to Hasliberg
  UR Snowshoe Sch�n Chulm 2,025 From Gitschen (Riemenstaldental)
  NW Hike Arvigrat 2,014 From Wirzweli
  TI Hike Monte Tamaro 1,961 Alpe Foppa, Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema
9.2007 BE Hike Niederhorn 1,950 BeatenbergJustistal,  Gemmenalphorn, Niederhorn
  TI Hike Speer 1,950 Amden, Speer (not the peak itself), Unterwasser
  BE Hike H�hi Wispile 1,939 LenkLauenensee,  Chrine, H�hi Wispile
  TI Hike Monte Gradiccioli 1,936 Alpe Foppa, Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema
30.12.2007 NW Snowshoe Niedebauen Chulm 1,923 From Niederbauen
various SZ Hike Fronalpstock 1,921 From Stoos
  New Zealand Hike Mount Olivier 1,918 Near Mount Cook Village
numerous USA Hike Mount Washington 1,917 From Franconia Notch
numerous SZ Hike Grosser Mythen 1,899 From Ibergeregg (once I did it in 1 hour from Ibergeregg to Grosser Mythen)
various BE Snowshoe Hugeligrat 1,898 Sparenmoos, Hugeligrat, Abl�ndschen, Saanen
  BE Mountainbike Hugeligrat 1,898 Sparenmoos, Hugeligrat,  Sch�nried
  NW Hike Stanserhorn 1,898 From Stans
various BE Snowshoe Rellerligrat 1,831 From Sparenmoos
  TI Hike Monte Bar 1,816 Colla, Monte Bar, Caval Drossa, Motto della Croche, Gola di Lago, Medeglia
29.12.2006 NW Hike Buochserhorn 1,807 From Maria-Rickenbach
numerous SZ Hike Rigi Kulm 1,798 From Weggis and from Rigi Scheidegg
  SZ Mountainbike Rigi Kulm 1,798 From Arth Goldau
  AI Hike Hoher Kasten 1,794 From Stauberenkanzel
various LU Hike Risetenstock 1,759 Maria-Rickenbach, Brisen and Klewenalp, Risetenstock, Brisen, Klewenalp
  SZ Hike Rigi Hochflue 1,699 From Vitznau
various LU Hike Dossen 1,685 mainly in winter
  TI Hike Monte Lema 1,621 Alpe Foppa, Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema
two trips SZ Mountainbike Wildspitz 1,580 From Steinerberg
two trips SZ Snowshoe Wildspitz 1,580 From Sattel
  TI Hike Monte Boglia 1,516 From Br� Paese
  TI Hike Denti della Vecchia 1,491 Cimadera, Capanna,  Pairolo, Denti della Vecchia, Br� Paese
numerous USA, NH Hike Mount Moosilauke 1,464 I aslo ran it once
  NE Hike Le Soliat 1,463 Noiraigue, Ferme Robert, Creux du Van, Les Oeuillons, Noiraigue
  BE Hike Grenchenberg 1,405 Balmberg, Weissenstein,  Grenchenberg
  BE Hike Blueme 1,391 Thun, Heiligschwendi, Blueme, Oberhofen
  SO Hike Balmfluech�pfli 1,235 Balmbeg, Weissenstein, Grencherberg
various LU Hike B�rgenstock 1,128  
  SO Hike Belchenflue 1,099 Iftenthal, Belchenflue, Teufelschlucht, H�gendorf
  SO Mountainbike Belchenflue 1,099 From Salh�he
  Austria Mountainbike Pf�nder 1,064 Lindau, Pf�nder, Lindau
numerous TI Hike Monte Br� 925 Actually I have run numerous times from Massagno
various TI Hike San Salvatore 912 from Lugano and from Carabbia
various AG Hike Geissfluegrat 908 From Salh�he or from Schafmatt
two trips ZH Mountainbike Uetliberg 871 Wohlen, Uetliberg, Zurich, Wettingen and Baden, Hasenberg, Uetliberg, Wettingen, Baden
2007 AG Hike Wasserflue 866 From Salh�he
various AG Hike Froburg 866 Various Hikes  Hauenstein, Froburg, Burgweid, Schafmatt, Salh�he (and vice versa)
various AG Hike Gisliflue 772 From Auenstein
  AG Mountainbike Gisliflue 772 From Auenstein
  Italy Hike Sentiero degli Die 638 Agerola, Colle La Serra, Montepertuso, Positano
various BE Alpine Walk Brienzersee 566 From Iseltwald to Giessbach Falls (and vice versa)
various TI Hike Monte Caslano 521 From Caslano
two trips Germany Mountanbike Lake Constance 400 Constance, Meersburg,  Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Bregenz, St. Margrethen