Chli Bielenhorn 2,940m
Chli Bielenhorn and is southern rock walls as seen from Tiefenbach (a restaurant along the Furka pass road)
The northern side of the rock walls in the morning
After the first easy steps up
A first highlight with the climbing of the "Sphynx", a rock needle from where we had to abseil
Things get more challenging
Fellow climbers ahead, as seen from the top of the Sphynx
some exposed balancing
some "naked" rocks walls (from my limited point of view)
View back to the "Sphynx"
the rock which gave the climb its name
climbing on
there were a lot of good picture spots :-)
Another tricky spot
and yet again a picture spot :-)
Finally on the top
The climb as seen during the descent
The Turtle ridge together with the descent route