Had a great time over Easter enjoying the very pleasant weather in the Italian (i.e. south) part of Switzerland while the weather in the north was grim with lots of snow. However, even in the south the snow-line temporarily came down that's why I had to keep the peaks low. Neverthless, due to the low starting points each day I did between a climb of 500m to 700m
  Monte Bisbino (Italy)
Started in Bruzella (Valle di Muggio near Chiasso) and climbe via Sella di Cavazza to the Italian peak. Descended via Sella di Cavazza and then along a beautiful ridge to Sagno
Path just before Sella di Cavazza
View down to Como from Monte Bisbino
View from Monte San Giorgio (climbed the next day see below) to Monte Bisbino.
  Monte San Giorgio
Started in Fontana (near Mérida), climbed via Cassina to the peak. Descended via Crocifisso back to Fontana
Climbing from Fontana to Cassina
View over Lugano from Monte San Girogio
View to Morcote and Alpe Vicania
View to Monte Generoso
View from half-way up Monte Bré to Monte San Giorgio (peak to the left of Monte San Salvatore)
  Monte Bigorio
Strated in Tesserete, climbed via Convento Santa Maria and Condra to the peak. Descended via Gola di Lago and Lelgio back to Tesserete
View over Lugano from the peak
View to Monte Tamaro (which we did the previous year)
View to Caval Drossa (which we did the previous year descending from Monte Bar)
View to Denti della Vecchia (we we did the previous year)