Cho Oyu 8,201m. Expedition from 27 August to 5 October. See also daily dispatches at
Kathmandu, Thamel. Time to buy the last essentials. Actually Thamel is packed with good mountaineering shops.
Already in the centre of the old town of Lhasa, Tibet. The red tents are police tents spread across the city centre (each tent with 3-5 police officers). In between the police tents army patrols (each patrol with 6 soldiers) were marching.
Meat stand, hopefully not our dinner.
Lhasa's best known view: the Potala Palace
View to the Potala from the roof of Jokhang temple in the city center. We also went on the 7k Lingkor pilgrims' path around the city center, at 3,500m already some first steps towards acclimatisation
The important monestary of Shigatse a day's trip from Lhasa in the direction of Cho Oyu.
Also in Shigatse there is a "Potala style" palace
Further driving across the endless plains of the Tibetean plateau (this picture was shot from above a 5,000m pass)
Chinese Base Camp with Cho Oyu in the background where the road used to end. However, the Chinese are bilding a road to (Advanced) Base Camp
Acclimatisation hike from Chinese Base Camp
Further acclimatisation hike
Moving into (Advanced) Base Camp at 5,700m
View from Base Camp to Cho Oyu. Tents of further expeditions can be seen behind our camp.
There was a total of 19 expeditions in the Base Camp. Some large, some only 2 people
Our Sherpas at the Puja ceremony (to wish good luck for the expedition)
The infamous scree slope between Base Camp and Camp 1
Already above Camp 1 which can be seen in the middle of the picture
Base Camp after two days of snow fall. Higher up the situation was more precarious due to wind which had piled up big slabs of snow
Camp 1 after the big snow fall which thwarted our first summit attempt (the tents have already been dug out)
Close to Camp 2. Camp 1 can be seen at the left of the picture and even Base Camp can be seen at the bottom of the valley.
Midnight at the second summit attempt (the first one had to be aborted due to a surprise Blizzard)
Coming back from Camp 3 towards Camp 1 after also the second summit attempt had to be aborted (at 7,500m), this time due to avalanche danger
Walking into Camp 2 at 7,000m
Going home. The Yaks are coming to Base Camp to pick up our bags
Again we've been driving across the Tibetean plains. Here another 5,000m pass from where we descended for two days down a gorge which led to Kathmandu at some 1,200m
The border crossing between China and Nepal. On the Nepalese side we drove on a very adventurous road.