I went for a four day high-alpine snow-shoeing trip in the Aletsch Region (UNESCO world heritage) over Easter.
What a beautiful day! View back to Konkordia Place where several glaciers unite. The area is 10km2 and the ice is 1,000 meters thick. The glacies moves with 200m a year
Mont Blanc in the back
The back side of Mount Jungfrau (UNESCO world heritage)
On 4,000 meters. Up here freedom is endless.
A little detour on our way back
This was a most unfortunate detour which was not planned like that. This picture is taken from the cabin. The last descent was great and I asked the mountain guide whether I could do it again which I then did (note: the mountain guide had the informtion from the cabin stewart that there was only one well covered crevasse on this slope). Suddenly I broke in with my left leg and when I tried to pull it out the ground around me collapsed and I fell down a dark crevasse. The fall was 20m and initially I was covered with snow and couldn't breathe. Fortunately I was not injured and could dig at least my face out. As this accident happened next to the cabin I knew that people would get me out. I couldn't move, as the rest of my body was still covered with snow and I didn't dare to move as I had to realize that behind me the crevasse continued further down. The picture shows the rescue team pulling me out. As this was just next to the cabin there happened to be three mountain guides and enough mountaineers knowing what to do.
The mountain guide which came down to dig me out and put a rope to my harness was cool enough to take a picture when I was being pulled out.
While I felt well, the guides insisted that I was flown to the next hospital and thoroughly checked. I then stayed a night in intensive care but luckily nothing appared appart from srcatches in my face and a beaten-up thigh (all blue).

The same weekend another mountaineer fell in a creavasse and died. The next weekend the same happened. I am very grateful to have survived without injury. The guardian-angel concept worked well on me.