106-0681_IMG.JPG (592985 bytes) Mount Moench (4,107m, ca. 13,474 ft), as seen from Jungfrau Joch. The climb goes along the right hand ridge.
106-0675_IMG.JPG (559383 bytes) The snow drifts along the ridge make the climb pretty "interesting". In fact some snow drifts were that light that one could see through the holes made by the ice axes straight down to Grindelwald. On the lower right hand side you'll see three black dots on the ridge. That's where the path comes from. In between were some tricky climbing parts.
106-0666_IMG.JPG (578270 bytes) Also the situation on the top isn't too comfortable.
106-0670_IMG.JPG (554329 bytes) Nevertheless, it was a great experience ...
106-0667_IMG.JPG (546094 bytes) ... and the views are nothing short of breathtaking (Aletsch glacier)
106-0668_IMG.JPG (605329 bytes) View down to Lake Thun. The first mountain is Mount Maennlichen and already the first one behind is the viewpoint Schynige Platte which was the starting point of my hike two days before.