Mountaineered to the top of Mount Sustenhorn (3,503m, 11,493ft):

The Sustenhorn from the valley

View back through the valley
The Sustenhorn with the Voralp Hat in the foregrund. We stayed in the Voralp Hat overnight.
The following morning we would climb up this slope and cross the ridge at throughpass at the lowest point.
Sunday Morning 4AM, leaving the Voralp Hat
We have reached the ice and put on the crampons.
Crossing the eternal snow
Having a quick break before passing the ridge.
 View shortly before the ridge
Passing yet another ridge
The peak is already close (it turned out that we were not the only ones on our way)
09:30AM. The final push towards the peak. There are no pictures from the peak as we only spent 15-20 seconds there. As soon as we realized that the peak was statically strong enough to make the air hum as if one stood underneath a high-voltage power line and strong enough to make everybody's hair raise vertically (literally), we rushed down as quickly as possible.
Weather deteriorated very badly and as we were making our way down the Stein Glacier we had already spent hours in pouring rain.