Spent three days from December 20 through December 22 in Lugano. Went running on 20th (in shorts and T-Shirt), snowshoed up Monte Bar on 21st (Gipfelbuch entry) and snowshoed up Monte Boglia on 22nd (Gipfelbuch entry)
Views to Monte Bar (far left) and Monte Bolgia white Peak on the right with Denti della Vecchia in the middle
View to Monte Bar as seen from Monte Bolgia the following day with the route I took on Monte Bar
View from the Capanna de Monte Bar towards Lugano
View from the Peak of Monte Bar towards the Monte Rosa
The peak of Monte Boglia
View from Monte Boglia towards Como
View towards Monte San Salvatore
View towards Lugano with Monte Rosa on the far right
View back to the ascent route
View forward towards the descent route