Climbed Rotsandnollen together with a colleague with my Snowshoes on the route Bonistock, point 2,537, Rotsandnollen and back to Melchsee-Frutt
Route taken as seen from Mount Glogghuis (picture was previously taken)
Climbing down a huge snow drift (it was scarier to mee than it looks here)
View from underneath the snow drift to Mount Finsterarhon (one of the giants of the Bernese Oberland) on the left and Mount Glogghuis on the right (just next to the rocks)
View towards Mount Graustock, Jochpass and Mount Titlis (we will make our way hard left)
View of Rotsandnollen as seen from point 2,537
Passing across the ridge at point 2,537 towards the peak
My colleague mastering the ridge in front of Mount Barglen at point 2,537 (apologies for the finger in the lens)
View from the peak towards mount Titlis
Descending from point 2,537 through completely untouched snow
Descending below Barglen (with point 2,537 to the right of Barglen)