Climbed with a friend from Brülisau (922m) to Mount Altmann (2'485m) and continued from there to Mount Saentis (2,502m)
Fälensee (1'452m)
View back from where we came
View towards Mount Saentis
View towards Mount Altmann (we climbed at the border between the gravel field in the green grass). The path actually only went to the saddle and not all the way to the peak
View back from Mount Altmann (the sattle) to the spot where the previous picture was taken
Path down on the other side of Mount Altmann saddle
On the way down
View to Rotsteinpass (Red Stone Pass) on the way down from Mount Altmann
Look back to Rotsteinpass on the path to Mount Saentis
Mount Altmann (the path where we came down can be seen)
Path to Mount Saentis
View from Mount Saentis down to the base station of the tramway