Report (German version)
100-0092_IMG.JPG (690206 bytes) Leh (3,500m, 11,400 feet)
100-0089_IMG.JPG (726492 bytes) Monestary of Tikse
100-0094_IMG.JPG (656527 bytes) On the road to Lamayuru (farther down parts of the 150 vehicle strong and heavily guarded army convoy which shared the(ir) road with us on their way to the Pakistani frontier)
100-0097_IMG.JPG (676200 bytes) Camp 1, Lamayuru (3,600m, 12,000 feet)
100-0098_IMG.JPG (609680 bytes) Camp 2, Wanla (3,352m, 11,000 feet)
101-0101_IMG.JPG (698395 bytes) Camp 3, Hinju (3,900m, 11,800 feet)
101-0103_IMG.JPG (627428 bytes) First major pass Konke La (4,900m, 16,000 feet)
101-0105_IMG.JPG (704415 bytes) Camp 4, Base of Konke La (4,400m, 14,500 feet)
101-0107_IMG.JPG (658170 bytes) Look back to Konke La
101-0108_IMG.JPG (576393 bytes) Camp 5, Base Dun Dun La (La = Pass)
101-0110_IMG.JPG (563031 bytes) On top of Dun Dun La (4,600m, 15,000 feet)
101-0112_IMG.JPG (723937 bytes) On the way after Camp 6, Chilling (3,400m, 11,000 feet)
101-0114_IMG.JPG (722599 bytes) Camp 7 Choksi (3,400m, 11,000 feet)
101-0116_IMG.JPG (817917 bytes) Camp 8, Base Kang La (4,600m, 15,200 feet)
101-0117_IMG.JPG (705196 bytes) Stok Kangri the big goal, viewed from the top of Palam Peak (5,300m, 17,500 feet)
101-0119_IMG.JPG (612303 bytes) Camp 9, Base Ganda La (4,900m, 16,000 feet)
101-0120_IMG.JPG (548593 bytes) On top of Ganda La (4,980, 16,300 feet)
101-0121_IMG.JPG (769957 bytes) Village on the way to Camp 10
101-0127_IMG.JPG (828458 bytes) Markha Valley
101-0129_IMG.JPG (720277 bytes) Rumbak
101-0131_IMG.JPG (744013 bytes) Invitation for tea in Rumbak
101-0132_IMG.JPG (670107 bytes) Camp 10 Rumbak (4,300m, 14,000 feet)
101-0134_IMG.JPG (527122 bytes) On top of Stok La (4,900m, 16,000 feet)
101-0137_IMG.JPG (685758 bytes) Descent from Stok La
101-0141_IMG.JPG (574877 bytes) Camp 11 Mankarmo (4,400m, 14,300 feet), approaching Base Camp
101-0143_IMG.JPG (615337 bytes) Camp 12 Base Camp (5,200m, 17,000 feet)
101-0145_IMG.JPG (585235 bytes) Ascending Stok Kangri
101-0146_IMG.JPG (514858 bytes) On top of Stok Kangri (6,153m, 20,187 feet)
101-0150_IMG.JPG (532664 bytes) Prayer flags on top of Stok Kangri
101-0158_IMG.JPG (643419 bytes) Crossing the glacier at the base of Stok Kangri (I know it looks pretty unorganized, but the ice was blank and all crevasses visible)
101-0160_IMG.JPG (757224 bytes) On the way to the last camp
101-0163_IMG.JPG (446176 bytes) Camp 13 Stok (3,600m, 12,000 feet), last camp
101-0166_IMG.JPG (538310 bytes) Last breakfast in camp