Climbed with my Snowshoes from 932m from the shores of the Wägitaler-See to Mount Schiberg (2,043m) on a splendid winter day. This was the third Snowshoe Trip of the season.
The Glärnisch massiv lit by the early sun
View from (almost) the top towards the Säntis Massiv (on the left), the Churfirsten range (middle) and the North Face of the Plattenberg (right). In front of the Churfristen can also be seen the "Sea of Fog" which covers the inhabited areas and makes life dark, unhealthy and therefore miserable where as from about 800m the sun rules.
Talking about the sun in a spotless sky
View towards the south. My tracks are the winded ones in the middle (to the right of two Ski-Tourers). There were also people on the peak just left of the middle!
I would have had to climb another 50m to the top but considered it too dangerous and cumbersome. One cannot take unlimited risks when being alone and since my unwanted detour into a crevasse I don't want to challenge fate again. However, a Ski-Tourer made it up to the peak.
Look back on the way down
Look forward on the way down
Mount Schiberg (the white one second from the right) with intentionally a lot of blue skies. I was just left of the peak 2.5 hours earlier.