Hiked Schrattenflue on a beautiful day in the middle of October by first climbing to Mount Hengst (2,092m) and then hiking along the ridge to Schibengütsch (2,037m)
View to the central Swiss alps across the "Schratten" (karst formation)
View to the Bernese Oberland giants (Eigern, Mönch, Jungfrau)
View from Mount Hengst along the ridge (East view)
View from Mount Hengst to the Bernese Oberland (West view)
View along the ridge (West view)
View north to the flatland covered by fog
Hiking along the ridge
View from Schibengütsch down to where the (former) hiking trail disappears in the rocks
The trail literally disappears in the rocks where ladders lead down an old army lookout
Without the flashlight the ladder was actually in the pitch black
Exit after three sections of ladders in the dark
Another surprise was the narrow, very slippery grass path (I now at least know why the trail was discontinued)
On the "Panorama Pass Road" on the way back, trying to stay as long as possible above the fog