Snowshowed from the Jaunpass to Hundsrügg and after a giant loop across Schneitgrat to Wannehörli from where I snowshoed down to Schönried and eventually Saanen (Gipfelbuch entry)
Ascent from Jaun Pass towards Oberenegg
View from Oberenegg towards Hundsrügg
View towards the Gastlosen mountain ridge which divides the Pre-Alpes from main alpine ridge
View down to Sparenmoss and with some peaks of the High-Alps in the background
View from Hundrügg along the path towards Schneitgrat
View back to Hundsrügg after the first meters of descent
View towards the Schneitgrat loop
On the Schneitgrat
Ascending to Wannehörli
Descending from Wannehörli