The "Hintere Gasse" (Back Alley) is multi-day, multi-pass, high-altitude hike along the main ridge of the Alps in the Bernese Oberland.

The full "Back Alley" is as follows:
Day 1: Meiringen - Grosse Scheidegg - Grindelwald
Day 2: Grindelwald - Kleine Scheidegg - Mürren
Day 3: Mürren - Serfinenfurgge - Gspaltenhornhütte
Day 4: Gspaltenhornhütte - Hohentürli - Kandersteg
Day 5: Kandersteg - Bunderchrinde - Adelboden
Day 6: Adelboden - Hahnenmoospass - Lenk
Day 7: Lenk - Trütlisbergpass - Lauenen
Day 8: Lauenen - Walliser Wispile - Feutersoy/Gstaad

I didn't do Days 1 and 2 (was already in that region many times before). I did days 3 and 4 in one day. Rather than cross the passes on days 5 and 6 I climbed the mountains towering over the passes. Days 7 and 8 I did in one day again (with a little additional detour).

The usual change of altitude is 1,500 to 2,000m a day.

Days 3 and 4 (done in one day):
Hike from Mürren via Serfinenfurgge (pass), across the Gamchi Glacier, via Hohentürli (pass) to Kandersteg (a 12 hour hike which I did in 9 hours). I started at 6AM on a beautiful morning and had breakfast at a hut at 8AM.
View from the breakfast table (further to the right would be the Schilthorn)
Already past Serfinenfurgge (2,612m) looking back to the Gamchi Glacier which I crossed (the glacier is completely covered by gravel). The mountain on the left is the Gspaltenhorn. At the foot of the Gspaltenhorn one can barely see the Gspaltenhorn Hut.
Look back to the Serfinenfurgge (the path is actually visible in parts)
View down the valley (Griesalp)
Look up towards Hohentürli. This was an 800m uphill where the path actually did NOT criss-cross but did take the vertical way up!
Look down after having climbed up towards Hohentürli. In the back Serfinenfurgge is again visible.
The Hohentürli Hut (2,778m)
View from the Hohentürli Hut to Mount Blüemlisalp
View down towards Kandersteg
Look back towards Hohentürli
Glaciers in the Blüemlisalp Massif
More glaciers
This is already Day 6. Rather than to pass the Hahnenmoospass I climbed the Albristhorn (2,763m). On this photo I look back to Bunderchrinde (the gap in the black mountain range). Rather than to hike across the pass I climbed Mount Bunderspitz (2,546m) the second black mountain on the left of Bundersteg
Interestingly folded layers on the climb to Mount Albristhorn.
On top of Mount Albristhorn
The descent from Mount Albristhorn was a very long hike along a ridge.
Looking back to Mount Albristhorn
The mountains in the back of Lenk (Wildstrubel Massif).
Days 7/8 (which I did in one day). I did a detour via Iffigenalp.
Iffigsee (Lake Iffig) on 2,063m
ditto. View towards Stiegelschafberg
On Stiegelschafberg pass
Alp close to Lake Lauenen. There was actually an Alp festival going on (not for tourists!)
  I then continued down to Lake Launen and regained altitude to pass Walliser Wispile from where I made to Gstaad. The next day I went for a Mountanbike Ride from Gstaad to Grieschbachtal, Rellerli then all along the ridge to Sparenmoos and down to Zweisimmen