Travelled to the Valais for two days of mountaineering (September 16/17, 2008) with my usual mountain guide Emanuel ( On the first day we climbed Allalinhorn (short and technically easy) and on the second day Strahlhorn (long and technically easy)
The map with the two climbs
The peak of the Allalinhorn
View from the Allalinhorn towards Matterhorn
More views from the Allalinhorn
View down to the valley
Walking towards Britannia Hut SAC
Allalinhorn as seen from the Britannia Hut SAC
  View from the Britannia Hut towards Strahlhorn
The route to the peak as seen the evening before. On peak day we started at 4:30AM but the magnificient scenery was lit by the moon and we did not even need headtorches
Early morning on the Allalin Glacier
The Allalinhorn from the back side