Did the hike I had done in 2003 in one day this time with two colleagues in two days with an overnight stay in the Gspaltenhorn Hut. Due to the high alpine character of the hike and the snowline which was at 2,500m the tour almost felt like a mountaineering tour: Mürren - Sefinenfurgge - Gspaltenhorn Hut - Hohtürli - Kandersteg
View to Gspaltenhorn after the start in Mürren
View towards Sefinenfurgge with Rotstock Hut SAC in the foreground
View back towards Mount Jungfrau
View back to the final ascent to Sefinenfurgge
The Sefinenfurgge, a true high alpine pass
View from Sefinenfurgge towards Mounts Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (UNESCO world nature heritage)
Sunrise at the Gspaltenhorn Hut with the Bluemlisalp Massif in the background
Look back to Gspaltenhorn Hut (almost invisible on the rock nose)
View up to Trogegg where we had hiked the previous day (actually you can see a hiker on the trail) as seen down from the Gamchi glacier
View down the valley across the rock covered Gamchi glacier with Mount Niesen in the background
Bridge across a very deep gorge at the brink of the glacier
The gorge bridged
Look back across the Gamchi glacier
Ascent to Hohtürli (a 800m vertial climb on a 1.2km horizontal line)
Final meters to the Hohtürli
Look back down from where we came
View across the valley to Sefinenfurgge
View down towards Griesalp, Kiental with Schwalmere in the background
View from Hohtürli pass to Bluemlisalp Hut SAC
The Bluemlisalp Massif
Look back to Bluemlisalp Hut SAC on the descent to Kandersteg
Hanging glaciers
Last look back into the high alpine world before diving into the fog of the lowlands