Climbed with my Snowshoes from Bannalp (above Oberrickenbach) along the Rietstöck to Schöneggeli then to Rot Grätli from where we wanted to descend to Engelberg. However, as far down as Rugghubel Hut SAC we realized that the way at Schönenbuel was too exposed and we turned back which was a good decision.
View from Schöneggeli towards trails leading to Rot Gräteli
View back to Schöneggeli
View towards Rot Grätli
View from Rot Grätli to Engelberger Rotstock
View from Rot Grätli to Wissigstock
View from Rot Grätli to Ruchstock
View from Rot Grätli to Rugghubel Hut SAC
View back to Rot Grätli on the way down to Rugghubel Hut SAC