Took Cable car to Haldi (1,083m) and then hiked via Süessberg - Staffel - Bodmen - Grätli  to Bälmeten (2,416m) and then back via  Grätli - Staffel - Suntisboden to Haldi
Mount Bälmeten as seen from Haldi
Morning views towards Oberbauenstock, Niederbauenstock, Seelisberg, etc. towering above the "Sea of Fog" as seen from Haldi
Climing in the shadow of the north face with Hoch Fulen in the Background
Approaching the flat peak of the mountain (looking back)
ditto (looking forward)
View from the peak
View North towards Urnersee (part of Lake Lucerne) which is the place where Switzerland was founded (Rütli meadow at its shores)
View West straight down towards Erstfeld
View to the East towards the Clariden mountains (I think)
View South towards the Gotthard region
Views of the high-alpine landscape through which our path led
Final impressions of the Haldi region before sunset