104-0476_IMG.JPG (641113 bytes) Lake Tekapo (on my way to the Mount Cook region)
104-0479_IMG.JPG (707593 bytes) Lake Tekapo
104-0482_IMG.JPG (591437 bytes) Prarie in the front, mountains in the back: this feels like Colorado!
105-0523_IMG.JPG (472157 bytes) Sunrise over Mount Tasman, as seen from my breakfast table at the Hermitage Hotel
105-0525_IMG.JPG (579560 bytes) Breakfast at the Hermitage Hotel
104-0487_IMG.JPG (617824 bytes) Cook Village (with Hermitage Village), as seen from Mount Olivier
104-0490_IMG.JPG (657219 bytes) Mount Tasman, as seen from Mount Olivier. Mount Tasman produced an almost non-pausing symphony of ice- and rockfalls
104-0491_IMG.JPG (609135 bytes) Mount Cook (3,776m/12,385ft). The Swiss were very active on Mount Cook. The first ascent attempt in the 19th century was supported by Swiss guides and the first ascent by Kiwis only took place after they had heard that some more Swiss were about to arrive to climb Mount Cook
104-0498_IMG.JPG (629779 bytes) On top of Mount Olivier (1,917m/6,287ft). Rumour says that this was the first mountain climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary at the start of his mountaineering career
104-0499_IMG.JPG (711929 bytes) Mount Cook again, but this time with terminal (lakes) and gigantic moraines.
105-0504_IMG.JPG (512156 bytes) What a beautiful country! On top of that no deadly snakes and spiders (not as in Australia).
105-0516_IMG.JPG (654369 bytes) Glacier art on the terminal lake.
105-0509_IMG.JPG (366666 bytes) Sunset on Mount Cook as seen from the lounge in the Hermitage Hotel
105-0526_IMG.JPG (444502 bytes) Lounge of the Hermitage Hotel, comfortable leather chairs, open fireplace, panoramic windows and breathtaking view
105-0527_IMG.JPG (549468 bytes) Looking back while leaving
105-0528_IMG.JPG (557542 bytes) and another look back
105-0529_IMG.JPG (537124 bytes) Last look back. I WILL be back!