aut_7419.jpg (434623 bytes) Investiture, i.e. reception of the hood which academics are allowed to wear
aut_7420.jpg (460893 bytes) The Class of 2000 before receiving the hood
aut_7425.jpg (420418 bytes) I receive the hood (and later a handshake from the Dean)
aut_7444.jpg (372187 bytes) Classic graduation picture
aut_7346.jpg (269728 bytes) View from the clock tower of Baker Library over the green (with the installations for the commencement) and parts of Hanover. You can have the same view from the webcam.
aut_7531.jpg (348394 bytes) Commencement, i.e. reception of the diploma together with all other students (college, medical doctors, engineers) graduating
aut_7619.jpg (367559 bytes) Another of those pictures (this time in front of Baker Library)
aut_7341.jpg (352234 bytes) One of the reading rooms of Baker Library (looks very Ivy League and is of course fully wired)
aut_7358.jpg (463690 bytes) do.
aut_7359.jpg (380131 bytes) do.
aut_7363.jpg (412596 bytes) Main hall of Baker Library. Actually, I used this hall as a shortcut when walking to Tuck every day.
aut_7348.jpg (254527 bytes) View from the Baker Library clock tower over Tuck Drive (Tuck itself is not visible, but is at the right hand end of Tuck Drive)
aut_7338.jpg (347565 bytes) Tuck Hall
aut_7332.jpg (283986 bytes) Stell Hall, the lounge of Tuck (another very Ivy Leaguish place)