The place where I lived for almost two years in Hanover, NH. I lived under the roof (where the four little windows are).
My small room. The TV actually didn't work but only served to elevate the loudspeakers of the stereo set.
The parents of good friend of mine had a weekend house on nearby Lake Mascoma, so we hung out there then and when.
Sunset on Lake Mascoma (picture taken on the evening after Investiture, we had our party here).
Tubing on Lake Mascoma
Skiing in Killington, VT a big ski station within 50 minutes of Hanover. There were two smaller ski stations within 20 minutes of Tuck School.
Stone Soup restaurant in Strafford, VT half an hour drive into the woods. A great place on the green together with other picturesque New England houses and the typical church with the white steeple.
Reception area of Stone Soup. Imagine a cold winter night in New England with one foot or more of pristine snow and then you enter this restaurant where a warming fire is already spreading joy.
Inside Stone Soup
The bar area of Stone Soup
Simon Pearce restaurant in Quechee, VT another of my favourite eating places. The quality of the picture isn't very good because it was taken from a postcard.
Inside Simon Pearce. This picture was taken by my brother on the evening after Commencement. We had the best table in the restaurant!
On the driving range in West Lebanon, NH.