The I spent a good week in the Upper Valley (I've spent a couple of days in Upper Valley every since graduating from Tuck) to enjoy the Fall Foliage, meet students and professors, do my favourite running trails and even give a presentation in the Corporate Restructuring class
View from Gile Mountain Fire Tower towards the North-East
View towards North with Mount Moosilauke at the very back (I ran up that mountain the next day)
View towards East (with Hanover hidden between the trees at the back, the only building one can see is the top of the Baker Library Tower)
View towards South-East with Mount Ascutney
View towards South-West with Killinton Ski Area at the very back
View towards the west
Dartmouth playing Yale in the Ivy League Cup on a crystal clear Fall day
The flaming forests of the White Mountain region as seen from the top of Mount Washington