109-0942_IMG.JPG (888807 bytes) The world famous Hula Show in Waikiki. It is as touristy as it gets but surprisingly about half of the audience had been there two or more times!
109-0945_IMG.JPG (579658 bytes) View from Diamond Head (an old volcano) over Waikiki
109-0947_IMG.JPG (582503 bytes) View into the Diamond Head crater
109-0948_IMG.JPG (442299 bytes) USS Arizona War Memorial in Pearl Harbor
109-0949_IMG.JPG (613418 bytes) One of the rusty gun turrets of the sunken USS Arizona
109-0950_IMG.JPG (667294 bytes) USS Missouri the sister ship of the USS Iowa which I had visited in Mobile Alabama. Both ships haven been retired only very recently. The USS Missouri had even been active in the Gulf War.
109-0955_IMG.JPG (544112 bytes) Along the Highway on Oahu
109-0957_IMG.JPG (584396 bytes) Diamond Head in the background
109-0960_IMG.JPG (493174 bytes) The wedding for which I basically came to Hawaii
109-0963_IMG.JPG (527184 bytes) Stormy north shore of Oahu
109-0975_IMG.JPG (946025 bytes) Cliff divers in Waimea Falls Park
109-0977_IMG.JPG (445624 bytes) Suicidal kite surfer in the very, very stormy sea. This guy actually caused a 3 mile traffic jam because everybody was slowing down to watch him
109-0982_IMG.JPG (519772 bytes) Dole Plantation (pineapples)