107-0794_IMG_2.JPG (534571 bytes) Mount Haelakala (3,055m, 10,023 ft), the crater of the volcano is 12 km (7.5 mi) long and 4 km (2.5 mi) wide
107-0800_IMG_2.JPG (624237 bytes) The Harbor of Lahaina
108-0803_IMG.JPG (512387 bytes) Sailing yacht in front of Mount Haleakala, to the left. This photo was taken during a humpback whale watching cruise. Unfortunately I didn’t get the whales on silicon, but they were there. Later in the season (February/March) there will be thousands of humpback whales in this bay, protected by four islands
108-0814_IMG.JPG (1072370 bytes) Tropical rain forests on the wet (i.e. rain) side of the island. This waterfall can be seen from the famous (crooked) highway to Hana

This photo made it to the Newsletter of the French Embassy to the US featuring in an article about sustainable forrest management. Link to pdf-file.

108-0815_IMG.JPG (699785 bytes) Highway to Hana, which is quite narrow and very windy
108-0817_IMG.JPG (757649 bytes) Along the highway to Hana
108-0819_IMG.JPG (709824 bytes) Wild Pineapple in Ohe'o Gulch
108-0822_IMG.JPG (726174 bytes) The "Seven Sacred Pools" near Ohe'o Gulch
108-0824_IMG.JPG (698837 bytes) ditto
108-0821_IMG.JPG (499195 bytes) Ohe'o Gulch. The atmosphere is comparable to Storm's River Mouth in Knysna/South Africa
108-0818_IMG.JPG (711897 bytes) Charles Lindbergh’s grave in Kipahulu
108-0828_IMG.JPG (691265 bytes) Now things get interesting. We are now on the part of the highway which is forbidden for rental cars. Unpaved road, even narrower than it seems on the picture
108-0830_IMG.JPG (729372 bytes) The south slope of Mount Haleakala
108-0834_IMG.JPG (595437 bytes) Sugar Cane fields in between the two big volcanos which form Maui (also called the "Valley Isle")