108-0836_IMG.JPG (410884 bytes) The US beach experience: driving straight onto the beach (in this case in Hanalei Bay in the north of Kauai)
108-0840_IMG.JPG (608562 bytes) Waimea Canyon, not surprisingly also called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
108-0847_IMG.JPG (663292 bytes) View from Pu'u-ka-Pele lookout at the very top of Waimea Canyon
108-0850_IMG.JPG (526299 bytes) Polihale Beach (only accessible via roads forbidden to rental cars)
108-0851_IMG.JPG (558095 bytes) ditto
108-0852_IMG.JPG (548038 bytes) ditto, black lava, white sand
108-0854_IMG.JPG (574869 bytes) Po'ipu Beach
108-0856_IMG.JPG (455884 bytes) The "Spouting Horn" near Po'ipu Beach. The waves enter through a lava tunnel. The interesting thing about this blowhole is, that there is also a hole where the compressed exits with a loud noise
108-0860_IMG.JPG (566113 bytes) Near the Kilauea Lighthouse. The white dots on the rocks are Albatrosses
108-0861_IMG.JPG (457221 bytes) Kilauea Lighthouse
108-0864_IMG.JPG (565863 bytes) Ke'e Beach, as seen on the Na Pali coastal hiking trail