110-1037_IMG.JPG (450792 bytes) Mountains outside of Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains
110-1035_IMG.JPG (433226 bytes) Olympic ski jump facilities
110-1038_IMG.JPG (695678 bytes) Whiteface Mountain. Location of the alpine skiing competitions
110-1039_IMG.JPG (462959 bytes) The village of Lake Placid (the name of the frozen lake is actually Mirror Lake)
110-1040_IMG.JPG (599366 bytes) One of the four covered ice rinks in the Olympic skating complex. This is the ice rink where the USA won against the then unbeatable Sowjets in the 1980 Olympics
110-1041_IMG.JPG (533339 bytes) Olympic bob run
110-1047_IMG.JPG (747320 bytes) Place of my friend where I could stay in Norwich, VT (close to the Tuck School of Business in Hanover, NH)
110-1046_IMG.JPG (520066 bytes) New England style quality of living
110-1048_IMG.JPG (573628 bytes) The new ski lodge at Dartmouth Skiway
110-1049_IMG.JPG (637404 bytes) Tuck hasn't changed in the two years I was away. The students are still great (I had the privilege to meet some of the current students) and the professors are extremely committed to their students. Of course the curriculum and facilities are permanently improved and updated.
110-1052_IMG.JPG (806219 bytes) This is my fifth time in NYC but the first time I make it out to the Statue of Liberty
110-1050_IMG.JPG (516528 bytes) The skyline of the "new" New York
110-1053_IMG.JPG (497925 bytes) Paying tribute to Ground Zero
110-1054_IMG.JPG (654939 bytes) Still my favorite place in NYC. The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. I spent more than thirty minutes watching the skaters and was asked by many romantic couples to take pictures of them