109-0983_IMG.JPG (432851 bytes) New Year's Eve at the Embarcadero in San Francisco (a great crowd of people)
109-0985_IMG.JPG (502653 bytes) Fireworks over the Oakland-Bay Bridge
109-0989_IMG.JPG (542094 bytes) 16 years after my first visit Lombard Street is still there
109-0990_IMG.JPG (547123 bytes) ... and so is Coit Tower of Telegraph Hill
109-0992_IMG.JPG (562887 bytes) These guys (the sea lions) down at Pier 39 are new
109-0993_IMG.JPG (594838 bytes) My uncle's house in San Rafael is still there (Hey Uncle Paul, do you like the picture?)
109-0994_IMG.JPG (723716 bytes) Cable Cars still going strong
109-0995_IMG.JPG (625942 bytes) View from Twin Peaks
110-1004_IMG.JPG (484487 bytes) THE bridge, certainly one of the best views in the world
109-1000_IMG.JPG (775838 bytes) Yes, I did walk the bridge
110-1001_IMG.JPG (407453 bytes) Heavy traffic all day long
110-1006_IMG.JPG (474324 bytes) I usually try to avoid having myself on pictures but this time I just couldn't resist
110-1007_IMG.JPG (579579 bytes) The seas off the Golden Gate
110-1008_IMG.JPG (370325 bytes) Marin County at sunset (as seen from Mount Tamalpais)
110-1034_IMG.JPG (810017 bytes) Peter, a friend of mine from Bain Sydney happened to be in the Bay Area and we met in Berkley where he went to college