101-0197_IMG.JPG (604319 bytes) Here I am in Weggis on Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland, one of my family's favourite hang-out. More precisely this picture was taken on the terrace of the Park Hotel, a place which was just recently restored to its former glory. In the background we see the lower parts of Mount Rigi. Mount Rigi is also known as "Queen of the Mountains" because it is a very distinct, free-standing mountain. Mount Rigi combines at the same time awe-inspiring rocks with gentle cow pastures.
101-0199_IMG.JPG (614965 bytes) There is an impressive fleet of old wheel steam-boats cruising Lake Lucerne. They were to be scrapped but luckily friends of nostalgia collected enough money to save them.
102-0205_IMG.JPG (573047 bytes) Steam Boat Uri on Lake Lucerne. Uri is the name of one of the three founding cantons of Switzerland.
102-0201_IMG.JPG (639457 bytes) In the background we see Mount Buergenstock. A small mountain which is the location of the famous "Buergenstock Hotels".
102-0206_IMG.JPG (490676 bytes) View from another terrace where we had dinner. To the left we see the end (or beginning) of Mount Buergenstock.