106-0644_IMG.JPG (572244 bytes) Cows with cow bells are an integral part of the Swiss alpine experience. The air is filled with the concert of jollily ringing hundreds of cow bells.
106-0654_IMG.JPG (509002 bytes) The cows wander about the Alps and live on an alp. An "alp" is the term for a farm in the Alps where the cows spend their whole summer. Traditionally these farms have no road access, nor electricity etc., but things are changing also here.
106-0634_IMG.JPG (659432 bytes) What a great "workplace"
106-0636_IMG.JPG (773814 bytes) Swiss cows are not afraid of heights
106-0638_IMG.JPG (683799 bytes) The fresh mountain air certainly makes tired
106-0639_IMG.JPG (471242 bytes) Some cows are just stunned by the views
106-0641_IMG.JPG (548700 bytes) Some cows are very professional about being a photo model
106-0650_IMG.JPG (807741 bytes) Others find it awkward to be "shot"
106-0651_IMG.JPG (424511 bytes) All of them are nosy
106-0646_IMG.JPG (510511 bytes) Some cows develop a taste for the beach
106-0647_IMG.JPG (539378 bytes) There are also goats "tamed" by myself.