106-0691_IMG.JPG (621211 bytes) Gstaad is a cute little summer and winter resort in the Bernese Oberland. A lot of celebrities enjoy the atmosphere as well, but Gstaad is still very family friendly.

In the background you see Mount Rellerli. I mountainbiked to the top of Mount Rellerli via a secluded back-valley.

106-0692_IMG.JPG (639484 bytes) Another view of the main street of Gstaad with Mount Wasserngrat in the background.
106-0693_IMG.JPG (595252 bytes) More views from Gstaad's main street
106-0694_IMG.JPG (575068 bytes) The view of Gstaad main street looks particularly nice because cars are banned, but in terms of architecture and floral ornaments the vast majority of the buildings in this region look like that.

In the background we see Hotel Olden a popular hang out of the celebrities.

106-0689_IMG.JPG (549045 bytes) Mount Wasserngrat with Mount Giffernhorn to the left. A couple of years ago I hiked all along the ridge up to the top of Mount Giffernhorn.
106-0697_IMG.JPG (532280 bytes) Paragliders taking off from the top of Mount Wispile.
107-0701_IMG.JPG (601783 bytes) Hiking along the family friendly ridge of Mount Wispile.
107-0702_IMG.JPG (640748 bytes) There are beautiful hiking trails along the ridge of Mount Wispile.
107-0703_IMG.JPG (628633 bytes) The final destination of the hike along Mount Wispile was Lake Lauenen which unfortunately became very shallow recently, but still was good enough for a refreshing swim after the hike.
107-0709_IMG.JPG (616061 bytes) Close to Gstaad is the Les Diablerets Glacier. When will it start again to make its way down to the valleys?