I stayed from 9 July to 17 July in the Shanghai region
Garden in Wu Jiang Tongli ancient town
silk factory in Tongli
Tongli has many water canals...
... which makes it some kind of Chinese Venice
Tiger Hill with historic Pagoda
Lingyin temple in Hangzhou a city close to Shanghai which itself has some 6 million inhabitants
Green Tea fields close to Hangzhou
A talented tea seller
West Lake in Hangzhou
Lotus flowers on West Lake
The very nice museum in Suzhou
driving into Shanghai
View to Pudong with the Oriental Pearl Tower
View from the Oriental Pearl Tower towards the Bund (the old colonial riverside)
View from Oriental Peral Tower
ditto (view to one of the many huge construction sites)
more skyscrapters in Pudong
My brother on one of the many photos the Chinese wanted to take with him
The congress center in Pudong
View from Pudong to the old town
Pudong views
Views of the Huangpu river
The Bund at day
Nanjing Road shopping area
The bycicles and motor-rollers are still ominipresent even though (at least in Suzhou) all motor-rollers and many byciles are battery powered
Pudong at night
The Bund at night
Yuyuan Bazar, nicely restored and upgraded with Starbucks' and the like
The famour tea house in Yuyuan bazar
Shanghai Museum at People's Square
Taking the Maglev fast train (430 km/h) to the airport and back. It is really an experience when the magic number 430 shows up on the information board
The Maglev
Views to the Bund from the Jin Mao building
Views to Pudong
The last communist relict we could find: the place where the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party took place, ironically this is located in an area which today is a yuppy area (Xin Tiandi)
Xin Tiandi area