Living room in the royal yacht Britannia which is retired in the harbour of Edinburgh
A further view over Edinburgh
Partial view of Edinburgh Castle (fortified since the 7th century)
View from the Castle to the Military Tattoo Arena
The Edinburgh Military Tattoo: Two Swiss contributions were among the stars of the show (Youtube):
Top Secret Drums Corps
Swiss Army Central Band
The well known Grassmarket area in Edinburgh
My brother on the Jubilee Golf Court in St. Andrews, the home of Golfing
St. Andrew Beach (I went for a run while my brother was golfing)
Castle Blair which had already closed but which we could appraoch through a camping site
The Dunalstair Hotel in Pitlochry as an example for the hotels we had
Queen's View close to the hotel
Scone plce where for centuries the Scotish kings were crowned
Glen Shee ski station
Loch Muick closer to Ballater
Typical site, nothing for caravans!
Cairngorm Railway (of course Swiss made), another ski station
Fort George, close to Iverness
Culloden Battlefield, where the uprising led by Bonnie Prince Charlie came to a devastating end
Cawdor Castle
Urquhart Castle at the Loch Ness
Dunrobin Castle
The north-eastern most point of Scotland
Ben Hope where I went for a hike
The trail head
View from the top towards north. Between here and the north pole there is nothing but water and ice
Another light house, looking toward the Orkney Islands
The castle where Queen mother lived in Caithness (The Caslte of Mey)
Smoo Cave
Falls of Measach
Hiking in Scotland (here on the Isle of Skye): all pathes are flooded or muddy
Hiking in Scotland continued: no briged = wet and cold feet
Dunvegan Castle, home of the MacLeods for more than 700 years
An example of a "black house", where the not sofortunate used to live
Cliffs close to the Mealt Falls
The ferry we took to leave the Isle of Skye
The Harry Potter train close to Glenfinnan
The place where Bonnie Prince Charlie set foot in Scotland to start the upraising
View from the top of another ski station (Nevis Range)
Great Glen
Oban and the McCaig's tower
Battlefield close to Stirling from happier times where the Scots beat the English at Bannockburn
Wallace Monument commemorating "Brave Heart" for another successful battle close to Stirling
Drums and pipes in front of Stirling Castle
The Roman's were also up here building the Antonine Wall significantly north of Hadrian's Wall
Trossach's national park
My home is my castle (Hopetown House)
Culros, almost unchanged from ancient times
Rosslyn Chapel which we visited after having checked in. Does not look like in the movie.