The desert-style top of Mont Ventoux
The tower on top of Mont Ventoux, a key landmark for generations of cyclists
Saintes Maries de la Mer
View over Saintes Maries de la Mer from the church
A fantastic new chain of cookie stores (here the one in Aigues Mortes): "La Cure Gourmande"
Kite-Surfers in Porte Camargue (there were dozens and dozens)
Evening atmosphere in Montpellier
View from inside the Roman amphiteatre in Arles
The ancient castle of Les Baux-en-Provence towering over...
... the village of Les Baux, a spectacular site to visit
Many villages/towns had lovely city squares, here the onw of Fréjus
Yachts in the port of St. Tropez, quite a drive from the Camargue but worthwhile as it allows to drive back along the coast
Route des crêtes in the Calanques near Cassis
Views of the Calanques
The port of Cassis where it was not possible to eat before 7pm, while the sun was still up...
The beach of Cassis at 6pm in mid-October!
The Roman amphiteatre of Nîmes
Typical view of the old town of Nîmes (here with the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-St-Castor)
The maison carrée in Nîmes, one of the best preserved Roman temples (thanks to the fact that it had been converted to a church early on)
The Pont du Gard, the main Aqueduct of a former Roman water line (some 50km long) serving Nîmes. There were, however, many other such Aqueducts, which are less well preserved but still impressive. Also many other Provence towns had such water lines.
Gordes, another idyllic mountain village
Outside view of the Popes' palace in Avignon
View to one of the two big inner courts of the Popes' palace
The Pont St Bénézet or as it is generally called (also in the famous childres song): Pont d'Avignon
View to Avignon from Avignon's twin-city Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (more precisely from the fort St André)
Grave of Pope Innocence IV in the Chartreuse-du-Val-du-Bénédiction in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon
Source of the Sorgue river in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, according to my travel guide Europe's mightiest source with 630 million cubic meter of water a year
The Sorgue just below the source
The Grand Canyon du Verdon, one of Europes largest gorges
dito (point sublime)
dito (Carrejuan)
Hôtel de Ville in Aix-en-Provence