aut_6605.jpg (236752 bytes) The Rocky Mountains from the Prarie (close to Denver)
aut_6701.jpg (343267 bytes) Downtown Denver
aut_6722.jpg (394648 bytes) "Downtown" Vail
aut_6730.jpg (357464 bytes) Vail lower end of ski area
aut_6747.jpg (288232 bytes) Vail Ski Region
aut_6757.jpg (227519 bytes) Breckenridge (the only day with really bad weather)
aut_6804.jpg (345471 bytes) Interstate 70 close to Copper Mountain after a night of snowfall (luckily we had a Jeep Cherokee)
aut_6813.jpg (313895 bytes) Keystone Village (a former mining town which takes pride in its heritage)
aut_6818.jpg (281096 bytes) Keystone ski area
aut_6868.jpg (265747 bytes) Hitting the road
aut_6893.jpg (259549 bytes) Snowmobiling in Aspen (later on my brother and I also snowmobiled in Deere Valley, Park City, UT)
aut_7055.jpg (434246 bytes) Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, UT