101-0175_IMG.JPG (559317 bytes) A start in style: Brunching on top of the Sky Tower in Auckland the first morning after arrival.
101-0176_IMG.JPG (474244 bytes) The Sky Tower in Auckland.
101-0183_IMG.JPG (832482 bytes) "Hole in the Rock" in the Bay of Islands. Later on there were dolphins cruising in front of our boat.
101-0187_IMG.JPG (898032 bytes) Giant Kauri tree.
101-0189_IMG.JPG (556465 bytes) Volcanic active area in Rotorura (actually the whole city stank with sulphur)
101-0192_IMG.JPG (551980 bytes) Maori culture in Rotorura. The Maori culture is still very similar to the one of other Pacific Islands (e.g. Hawaii)
101-0193_IMG.JPG (627530 bytes) Typical landscape of the Northern Island (the Southern Island is much more varied)
101-0195_IMG.JPG (450388 bytes) Mount Taranki rising 2,500 meters from sea level
101-0196_IMG.JPG (564653 bytes) Parliament in Wellington
101-0199_IMG.JPG (626415 bytes) Napier, the world's largest Art Deco city
102-0203_IMG.JPG (505215 bytes) Skiing in Whakapapa (Mount Tongariro Volcano in the background)
102-0214_IMG.JPG (547516 bytes) Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. At low tide you can dig holes into the sand and the holes will fill with hot water from volcanic springs.