I stayed a week on this Portuguese volcano island located off the African coast, 900K from mainland Portugal and 500k from Casablanca.

The island has a very rich vegetation and various clima zones. At the time I was there it was one big construction site, as tons of EU-money was poring in.

During this rental-car trip I was fortunate enough to stay in very relaxing hotels:
Quinta do Monte, Funchal
Ponta do Sol, Ponta do Sol
Quinta do Furao, Santana

View over Funchal from the Cable Car descending from Monte
Reid's Palace and the hotel district in Funchal
Typical alley in Funchal
The lounge in the Quinta do Monte (the other hotels were similarly nice)
The dining room in the Quinta do Monte
The church in Monte where the last emperor of Austria is buried.
Tobogan, a major tourist attracation
Cural da Freiras (Nun's valley) a secluded valley in backcountry of Funchal where in ancient times nuns fled to find shelter from pirates looting Funchal
Cabo Girão, with 580m vertical drop the second highest cliff in the world
High alpine plane (~1,600m) close to the Encumeda pass
Access to the Posta do Sol hotel. A true challenge to any driver.
Cliffs in the south-west
Porto Moniz with its famour rock pools
The old road near to Porto Moniz, only recently replaced by a tunnel
Camara do Lobos, a old fisihing village (any one of the very few harbors which wasn't a huge construction site)
Pico de Arreire (1'800m)
The south-east peninsual which is very dry, as it is distant from the mountains
On the peninsual
more spectacular views from the peninsual
Last but not least, a Levada (irrigation channel) a very typical site on Madeira and very popular for hiking along