Timanfaya National Park, one of Lanzarote's main attractions. Volanoes were active here from 1730 to 1736 shaping this part of the island
Visitor Center (which had a volcano grill, i.e. the just dug a 6 meter deep hole which releases enough heat on a permanent basis to roast chicken)
There were some pipes drilled into the ground in front of the visitor center. Within 2 seconds after the ranger poured in water, it came back out as a Geysir
There are also camels for tourists (the Sahara is actually just 115km across the Ocean)
Our beautiful lunch place in Las Casas de El Golfo
v El Golfo
Rugged coast shaped by the volcanoes and the sea at Los Hervideros
Salt fields near Las Hoyas
Puerto del Carmen which is very touristic. The only good to mention is that Ironman Lanzarote takes place here
Playa de Mujeres close to El Papagayo
Puerto Calero which offers more refined tourism but which has not really taken off yet
Arrecife (Lanzarote's Capital) with the Castillo de San Gabriel in the background
vine growing region La Geria
Teguise market (very big but very touristic)
On the road towars Haría
Mirador del Río created by César Manrique a local artist which also shaped most of the other tourist attractions (one can see through the windows the neiboring island La Graciosa)
Typical Manrique style
Mirador del Río
Jameo del Agua one of the many lava tunnels accessible
Guess who created this bar at Jameo del Agua? Yes, Manrique
more Manrique at Jameo del Agua
Cueva del Los Verdes, another tunnel which is 7km long and which also contains a theater seating several hundered spectators
Manrique's home (now a foundation) in the middle of a laval field, built on top of three lava bubbles
Manrique was also a painter
Living room towering above a pool built in a lava bubble
Atélier which lets the lava "flow" in