Cannes with the Croisette and the pavillions of the Film Festival
Bigger view on Cannes with part of the habor
The Lady Moura, one of most exculsive and biggest private yachts (a third as long as a US super aircraft carrier)
I got the Lady Moura even closer. The helicopter on the roof is pretty handy. On both sides there are huge hangars for cars, motoboats etc. The last open on the left side is actually a balcony with can be lowered while the yacht is in the harbour.
Of course there were also other yachts around.
Monaco, a fantastic arena for a Formula One Grand Prix
Monte Carlo, with the duke where the duke lives. On the slope you see hundereds of people who got a free "seat".
The view from the free seats is actually the best one can get (one only has to pay by being there very, very early in the morning)
My stand seat
The warm-up round (Sauber Petronas #8, Philipp Massa, BRA). A Formula One race is an experience not to be missed. Neither the speed of the cars nor the sound from hell can be appreciated on TV!
My stand from a difference perspective (after the race)
Of course there were also yachts in the habor of Monaco!
Some of the yachts from a little bit closer (some of them had been chartered by corporate sponsors but others were used by their owners)
Yachts as seen from the stand
Yachts even closer
One last view before I had to head back to Nice! It was a fantastic weekend and the Côte d'Azur literally lived up to its name.