The Mena House, our hotel just next to the pyramides in Cairo. Breakfast with view to the pyramids!
The pyramides of Giza.
The pyramides of Giza from left: The great pyramid of Menkaure, the great pryramid of Khafre and the great pyramid of Khufu
The sphynx with the pyramides in the back
There are a total of 138 pyramids in Egypt, many not much smaller than the ones of Giza. Here we see the Snofur's red pyramid in which we could actually enter.
View past Snofur's pyramid to the bent pyramid of Snofur
No people except for our driver, as seen from the entrance of the red prymid. The entrance was high up but the narrow path actually went far down, below the ground level
The bent pyramid of Snofur which retains much of its outer lining.
The step pyramid of Djoser
The Suez canal in the city of Suez
Large container ships appearing to cruse through the desert (as seen from the Sinai peninsula)
The mortary temple of Hathsepsut on the West Bank of the Nile river in Luxor
Original painting in the Hathsepsut temple. There are original painings in many temples and of course also in the graves of the Valley of the Kings (no photos were allowed there)
Karnak temple on the East Bank
Giant pillars in the Karnak temple
Obelisks at the Karnak temple
The sacred lake at Karnak temple
Luxor temple on the East Bank but today down-town Luxor
Remainders of the former road conntecting the temples of Karnak and Luxor
Our captain for the Nile sailing cruise
What a nice evening, unfortunately without wind...
The main mosque in Cairo
Interior of the mosque
View from the mosque over the mega-city
One of the traditional bazars
The Egyptian museum, a world class attraction
The harbour of Alexandria