In March 2009 I spent 9 days on Cyrpus with 80 ultra-marathon runners. I ran 120km in 7 days and also managed to get in some sighseeing
Group 2 at the beginning of the 3 hour long jog
A leisurely run at the last day
After the leisurely run we had breakfast on the beach where some took advantage to have a short swim in the still cold sea
Who would have thought? While one could (with some effort) have a swim at the beach, there was still lots of snow in the Trodoos mountains.... fact that much snow that all the slopes were still in perfect shape...
..even though not all lifts were running during the week
The organizers always made an effort to show us some sights. For instance the "Bath of Aphrodite" on the way to the mountain runs on the second day.
The well groomed promenade of Paphos
Paphos has some outstanding historical sites
The border crossing between Greek-Cyprus and Turkish-Cyprus in Nicosia