September 2006
Potsdamer Platz, Europe's busiest place pre-war, a dull open space during the cold war and now a symbol for the new Berlin
Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz
The PwC office at Potsdamer Platz
The Bundesrat, Germany's upper house
Checkpoint Charly
Cobble stone line indicating where the Berlin wall stood (close to Checkpoint Charly)
Holocaust memorial
The Brandenburg Gate
He house of the Chancellor (Bundeskanzlermat) and the tiny Swiss embassy (to the right) as seen from the German Parliament Building
The German Parliament
Close view on the Bundeskanzleramt
The government library
Remainders of the Berlin Wall integrated in a newly built government building
View on the government district and the River Spree
Berlin Opera and St. Hedwigs Cathedral
Humboldt University
View towards the Palace of the People, the old eastern German parliament in process of demolision (asbestos was found) with the Berlin Dome and the TV tower in the background
Old Library
Berlin Dome
View from Berlin Dome towards Postdamer Platz
Back at the German Parliament (early evening)
The Parliament cupola at the beginning of the night
The Brandenburg Gate at Night
German Technical Museum
An outside storage of the museum (only accessable four times a year)
Last remaining part of the wall with death strip at the Wall Memorial