aut_2454.jpg (324831 bytes) Blue Mountains National Park, Three Sisters
aut_3626.jpg (255142 bytes) Sunset at Ayers Rock/Uluru. Uluru is the new/old aboriginal name
aut_3633.jpg (256524 bytes) Sunset a couple of minutes later
aut_3615.jpg (322218 bytes) Wind erosion at Uluru. Wind has created many caves which are used by the aboriginies for the religious ceremonies. Many are not accessible for tourists.
aut_3773.jpg (491130 bytes) One of the flanks of Uluru where the water gathers after a rainstorm. After a heavy rainstorm Uluru is actually grey because the red colour comes only from the rust which is washed away during rainfall.
aut_3769.jpg (519107 bytes) Climbing to the top of Uluru
aut_3757.jpg (281360 bytes) On top of Uluru with my brother. In the background are the Olgas/Kata Tjuta
aut_3812.jpg (333827 bytes) The Olgas/Kata Tjuta which are even holier for the Aboriginies than Uluru
aut_3825.jpg (249824 bytes) Valley in the center of Kata Tjuta, not accessible for tourists
aut_3846.jpg (258836 bytes) Sunset at Kata Tjuta. After sunset we had a Barbie (Australian for Barbecue) in the desert and could admire the most spectacular night sky with the clearly visible Milky Way.
aut_3943.jpg (439035 bytes) King's Canyon located at a three hours drive from Uluru. Absolutely worth the trip.
aut_3983.jpg (329888 bytes) The parliament in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The roof of the parliament house is grassy and can be walked on in order to ensure that the people of Australian are above the politicians.