107-0730_IMG.JPG (580052 bytes) September 23, 2001

Being a Bainee the Aussie way. Playing Cricket at Bain Cricket Day, overlooking Sydney Harbour and being professionally catered

107-0725_IMG.JPG (680481 bytes) September 22th, 2001

Bather's Pavilion in Balmoral, one of my favourite dining places

107-0726_IMG.JPG (907076 bytes) dito
107-0710_IMG.JPG (644965 bytes) September 11th, 2001 (05:50AM)

The sun rises over Manly Beach (as seen from my breakfast table). N.B. At this time it was still mid-day of September 10th in New York and nobody could imagine what would happen less than a day later.

107-0711_IMG.JPG (511240 bytes) 05:51AM
107-0712_IMG.JPG (483858 bytes) 05:59AM
106-0609_IMG.JPG (707226 bytes) August 5, 2001 (i.e. the middle of winter)

Manly Beach in Winter. 

106-0610_IMG.JPG (689430 bytes) Before and after August 5th we had day and days with cloudless skies and temperatures around 20 Centigrade (~70 degrees Fahrenheit). People (and not only the crazy ones) were swimming the whole winter.
105-0559_IMG.JPG (581398 bytes) June 3, 2001

Blue Mountains close to Wentworth Falls

105-0558_IMG.JPG (639999 bytes) I did the "National Pass" trail which went all along a small step in the rock wall. As there are layers of stones with different hardness, some layers erode later which caused this step.
105-0560_IMG.JPG (512032 bytes) Most of the trail was actually under over-hanging rock, as most layers above were of weaker stone.
105-0557_IMG.JPG (497581 bytes) May 27th, 2001

Watson's Bay on the South Side of the Harbour

105-0554_IMG.JPG (577664 bytes) Doyle's Restaurant in Watson's Bay. A restaurant famous for its location
104-0446_IMG.JPG (771098 bytes) April 1st, 2001

West Head (opposite Palm Beach) at the north end of the northern Beaches or precisely in Ku-rin-gai Chase National Park. This picture overlooks Broken Bay where I had been sailing as well.

104-0447_IMG.JPG (576757 bytes) View towards Barrenjoey Lighthouse (Palm Beach)
104-0448_IMG.JPG (422863 bytes)  Overlooking Pittwater (big inlet)
104-0449_IMG.JPG (394698 bytes) Friends who were up here with me: Amy and Viveka (a transfer from the Stockholm office) with husband Magnus. Magnus spent the whole three months while Viveka was working with playing Beach Volleyball at Manly Beach (sometimes with Australian Olympians).
   104-0426_IMG.JPG (542251 bytes) March 4th, 2001

Formula one Grand Prix Melbourne (I just flew down for the day)

That's the best shot I could get. The cars were passing so fast that it was almost impossible to catch them on celluloid (or rather silicon). 

 104-0427_IMG.JPG (555590 bytes) It was quite an experience. The first time I saw a Formula One car live in action was in a pre-race which was actually a handicap race between a BMW 3 Series normal street car, a Holden V8 racing car and a BMW Williams. The Holden V8 was significantly faster than the BMW 3 Series. However, the BMW Williams was out of this world. One suddenly could hear already from far some out of this world screaming (comparable to the approaching T-Rex in Jurassic Park) followed by a brief white-ish shadow passing in front of me.
 104-0429_IMG.JPG (876555 bytes) Crashed cars
102-0289_IMG.JPG (562110 bytes) Sydney Sunday morning, December 3rd 2000
102-0290_IMG.JPG (1111306 bytes) December 3rd, 2000
Start area of "Cycle Sydney" an annual event, where several thousand bikers tour 50 km from North Sydney across the Harbour Bridge to Paramatta.
102-0291_IMG.JPG (528757 bytes) Bikers crossing the Harbour Bridge
102-0293_IMG.JPG (713285 bytes) Christmas shopping at 26 degrees centigrade at Warringah Mall, the largest shopping mall of the southern hemisphere (a 7 minute bike ride from where I live)
102-0294_IMG.JPG (580152 bytes) Manly Beach on December 3rd, 2000. The Australians are excited: "Oh, it feels much more like Christmas now that it gets warmer". Remark Markus: As if it ever had been cold! It's usually 16 - 20 degrees centigrade also during winter.
102-0283_IMG.JPG (324871 bytes) Lightning storm over the Pacific, as seen from my apartment. Thunderstorms here have an awfully tropical strength. In this particular one the lightning went on for more than two hours with lightning hits every 15 seconds. The next day there was a storm where the Rail Authority counted 2,000 hits into its system within an hour.
102-0279_IMG.JPG (601394 bytes) November 25th/26th, 2000
Bain Surf Weekend close to Kiama (2 hours south of Sydney)
102-0280_IMG.JPG (553161 bytes) Shoalshead Beach close to Kiama where we went surfing.
102-0270_IMG.JPG (638475 bytes) At the North Coast (i.e. north of Sydney) in Terrigal with my two work colleagues (locally called "work mates") Peter (from L.A.) and Holger (temporary transfer from Munich)
102-0269_IMG.JPG (530758 bytes) Believe it or not, this is Copacabana Beach (at the North Coast of Sydney)