June, 8th through 11th 2001 (Friday through Monday)

Friday night we stayed at the Old Woolstore Hotel in Hobart. Saturday morning we visited the Salamanca market and the Antarctica Centre

105-0563_IMG.JPG (443392 bytes) On Saturday night we drove via the Great Lake to Cradle Mountain National Park where we stayed in the beautiful Cradle Mountain Lodge (see the hyperlinks for pictures with better weather)
105-0562_IMG.JPG (573692 bytes) Log fire in the cabin. What a treat!
105-0561_IMG.JPG (416224 bytes) ... even more so, when some people outside make sure that there is enough supply ;-) This is David, a Bain colleague of mine who managed to get the wood split in between the Possums.
105-0565_IMG.JPG (520763 bytes) On Sunday morning we went for a hike in the National Park.

Picturesque Weindorfer's Boathouse on Lake Dove 

105-0567_IMG.JPG (422449 bytes) On Lake Dove
105-0569_IMG.JPG (593769 bytes) On the road to the King Solomon Caves. Yes, there are a lot of gravel roads in Tasmania. The car had Tiptronic which I can highly recommend.
105-0572_IMG.JPG (380880 bytes) Sunday night we stayed in the Freycinet Lodge in Freycinet National Park, another fantastic Lodge with great food (in particular a Chocolate Soufflé dessert).

Monday morning we went hiking to the Wineglass Bay lookout ...

105-0574_IMG.JPG (499271 bytes) .. from where we made our way down to Wineglass Bay Beach ...
105-0575_IMG.JPG (454873 bytes) ... only to later walk across the isthmus of the peninsula to get to Hazardous Beach (where we saw dolphins)
105-0586_IMG.JPG (633866 bytes) On our way back (to close the loop) we passed stunning coastlines.
105-0587_IMG.JPG (518204 bytes) dito