103-0389_IMG.JPG (698991 bytes) January 26th through January 28th, 2001

Long Australia Day Weekend in the Snowy Mountains six hours south of Sydney (three hours south of Canberra).

View down to Thredbo

103-0390_IMG.JPG (557881 bytes) Thredbo Valley is a V-valley which gives you a true alpine feel. The ski slopes look pretty promising. However, the fact that all the trees are perennials tells me that there can't be that much snow in winter.
103-0373_IMG.JPG (841781 bytes) There was a Harley Davidson Bike Club meeting in nearby Jindabyne and they came up to Thredbo for a cup of coffee or so (average age probably in the 40ies).
103-0388_IMG.JPG (679015 bytes) On my way to Mount Kosciuszko. The whole way from the top of the chairlift terminal to Mount Kosciuszko is elevated in order to protect the flora and stop erosion. Of course I hiked up all the way from Thredbo in a total time of two hours, after I had been mountainbiking in the morning.
103-0383_IMG.JPG (563235 bytes) Mount Kosciuszko, with 2,228 m (7,308 ft) Australia's highest mountain.
103-0379_IMG.JPG (569584 bytes) On top of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain on the Australian continent. I stand where the most famous mountaineers stood before me (e.g. Reinhold Messner). To follow their steps I "only" have to climb the highest mountains of the other continents within a year or so. ;-)
103-0375_IMG.JPG (594780 bytes) View towards Mount Townsend
103-0376_IMG.JPG (616557 bytes) View towards the Thredbo
103-0377_IMG.JPG (716420 bytes) Alpine mountain views
103-0381_IMG.JPG (690133 bytes) Alpine lake
103-0392_IMG.JPG (698557 bytes) Sunset in Thredbo. I was sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek and tried to breathe in as much of the atmosphere as possible.
103-0400_IMG.JPG (734990 bytes) View from Charlotte Pass (at the end of Perisher Valley) towards Mount Kosciuszko (at the far left). Perisher is another ski station in a valley parallel to the Thredbo. Contrary to Thredbo Persiher is located at the tree level. However, Thredbo is a nicer village.
103-0396_IMG.JPG (755124 bytes) At Rawson's Pass. From Charlotte Pass its actually possible to mountainbike almost to the top of Mount Kosciuszko. After biking back to Charlotte Pass I went for a mountain run to blue lake which is a deep glacial lake.
104-0403_IMG.JPG (622553 bytes) Typical Australian countryside (photo take south of Canberra on my way home from the Snowy Mountains).