105-0598_IMG.JPG (826589 bytes) July 28th, 2001 / Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

International group. The Blue Mountains are inland at about 1,000 m (3,000 ft) and it felt quite cold for some of the participants


Canyoning.jpg (999924 bytes) Getting ready (photo courtesy of a friend of mine, who scanned it in for me. Thanks Aaron)
105-0599_IMG.JPG (611232 bytes) Quite a narrow entry at the top of the Tiger Snake Canyon. As "nice" surprise we had to wade through a pool of knee-high water at the bottom of this part
106-0601_IMG.JPG (874404 bytes) One o the bigger abseilts (about 20 m/60 ft)
106-0602_IMG.JPG (696022 bytes) Abseiler in action
106-0603_IMG.JPG (547644 bytes) The canyon got quite narrow again at the bottom and actually had a roof. Therefore the last abseil (25 m / 75 ft) was like an abseil into a cave
106-0605_IMG.JPG (747411 bytes) The reward for a the abseils was a lunch in the "Lost World" at the bottom of the canyon