104-0467_IMG.JPG (537642 bytes) April 7th, 2001

Visit of the USS Constellation (C64) a US aircraft carrier accompanied by its carrier group to Sydney

104-0465_IMG.JPG (508800 bytes) Quite an impressive vessel with 5,000 crew and 72 aircraft
104-0453_IMG.JPG (605420 bytes) On the flight deck
104-0455_IMG.JPG (626433 bytes) David, a friend of mine from Bain
104-0454_IMG.JPG (483791 bytes) Eye to eye with a F-18 Hornet
104-0456_IMG.JPG (494847 bytes) There are also "Top Gun" F-14 Tomcats on board
104-0457_IMG.JPG (585132 bytes) More views of the flight deck
104-0458_IMG.JPG (499212 bytes) Spectacular foreground, spectacular background
104-0459_IMG.JPG (679646 bytes) The lift down to the hangar (impressive speed!)
104-0463_IMG.JPG (461678 bytes) The lift coming down to the hangar
104-0461_IMG.JPG (705737 bytes) In the hangar
105-0551_IMG.JPG (557204 bytes) May 27th, 2001

Visit of the USS Kitty Hawk

105-0552_IMG.JPG (559430 bytes) USS Kitty Hawk as seen from the Manly Ferry

Some technical data of the Kitty Hawk:
323 m (1,065 ft) long
83 m (273 ft) wide
8 decks and 11 levels
30 knots (60 km/h) fast
15,2 million litres (4 million gallons) fuel capacity
4 propellers (7 m/21 ft wide)
75+ aircrafts
1.65 ha (4.1 acres) flight deck area
5,500 crew