Chifley Tower with Opera House.jpg (295770 bytes) I work in Chifley Tower, the skyscraper with the peak to the left of the CBD. The Bain & Co. offices are on level 35 of this 41 story building. From the office there was a 360 degree view over Sydney, the Harbour back to the Blue Mountains.

On the very right side of the picture you see the ramp leading to the Harbour Bridge. The cute little white building in the middle I don't need to name.

This is actually the view I had every morning when going to work by ferry.

103-0303_IMG.JPG (518644 bytes) View from the office over Sydney Harbour (the same as I had from my desk). At the horizon to the left you may recognize the tall light blue building in Manly where I lived.
103-0304_IMG.JPG (667312 bytes) Another view from the office towards Bondi Junction.
103-0305_IMG.JPG (492595 bytes) View towards the backside of the CBD (Central Business District). Actually I forgot to take a picture from the Opera House which can be seen from the office as well.