107-0737_IMG.JPG (559863 bytes) Visit to the AMP Tower (the small needle on the left hand side of the picture)
107-0715_IMG.JPG (546124 bytes) View over Sydney Harbour
107-0716_IMG.JPG (547203 bytes) Chifley Tower
107-0717_IMG.JPG (536215 bytes) View North (North Sydney, Habour Bridge, Opera House)
107-0719_IMG.JPG (615713 bytes) View North-West (Paramatta River)
107-0718_IMG.JPG (574250 bytes) do.
107-0720_IMG.JPG (692928 bytes) Western Suburbs, closer to us is the National Maritime Museum, where the Darling Harbour area begins
107-0721_IMG.JPG (752915 bytes) Darling Harbour and Sky City
107-0722_IMG.JPG (714820 bytes) View South with Botany Bay and Sydney Airport in the background
107-0723_IMG.JPG (790017 bytes) View South-East
107-0724_IMG.JPG (698777 bytes) View East (Rushcutter's Bay, Rose Bay, Double Bay, Watson's Bay)